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A Signal

rated 4.37 / 5 stars
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Aug 13, 2010 | 10:59 AM EDT

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Author Comments

|||Signal Series Ch.2|||

The second installment to the Signal Series; following No Signal. It's recommended that you watch No Signal first, in order to at least understand a tiny bit of this (your not expected to understand it all).

In this installment the experimentals find a way out, and revolt against their superiors. A little more of the world they live in is explained, though mostly focusing on graphic improvements and animation presence, the mysteriousness is less to be desired. Bringing some special effects and superb gun sounds, this installment leans towards being more of an action/shooter. Though I hope you'll enjoy it just the same! :3

Please only rate if you have watched the whole thing, as it's style changes because it was made in chunks over long periods of time. This one's a good 5 minutes and 2 seconds. So sit back and enjoy!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well first off, the intro was pretty intense, love the visuals and sound/fx so prop to you there, now as i saw the other one it was good i like this one, the song at the start of the flash was very good one, but then you tottally change it, that kinda confuesed me, i thought that you should let it play like a {MOVIE} especially with the song at the begenning, but when you change it up it really throws you off and kinda doesnt make sense at times, might seem better if it was played as a movie, and maybe not so much cut scene were it changes so fast, i really love the art and animation was very neat and differant, nice 3d effects with them art scenes, So it was a good flash but was confusing with the changing of scenes and music changes, but anyways good flash, hope to see more work soon.

Let it flow like a music video, and less cut scenes, let it flow into each one there aswell

Good series so far.


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CaKeS1 responds:

Thank you, glad you came by to watch the second. I'm not sure but I was thinking of remaking this installment, because like you said it kinda confuses people and changes way to much. I would've loved to keep this a mystery series rather then a random killing sequence of animations that don't fit together. Thanks for the tips and support, I might remake this one, or if I feel comfortable after thinking about it a lot, I might just make a third.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, there's a surprise

I hadn't expected to have the impact to make it into the fabled thanks-to credits! A very nice surprise indeed.
On the flash, though, this was completely different to the first, in the way that it lacked some of the mystery that the first had, and gained what it didn't, which was action. Well-executed action, too. And, indeed, as promised, no noticeable spelling mistakes :3

In fact, the two flashes could in fact be seen as completely loose from each other, despite the fact that the stories follow up and the art is the same. Each has a different charm, and this is the rowdy rebel-escape gunner show rather than the arty-mystery what's-going-on-here thrillthing.
Both are great. Neither is better, since everyone has their favourites in style. (Mine would be the first, though, since I tend to have a soft spot for vids that break the norm by not killing everything).
Great work. I hope to see more. Oh, and before I forget: I noticed when the 'lights' went out, the rocks still had shadows and the sky still was a dark cyan. Was that intentional?

Good job with the reply at wiseguy7, by the way.

Gratz and support,

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CaKeS1 responds:

Thanks, I couldn't have described both parts better myself lol. And the shadowing/sky stayed the same because I just made a black square over the whole screen and alphaed it lol. So yeah it was pretty lazy. Thanks for all the input, and I'm glad you came back to watch part 2! :3


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

re: a signal

awesome vid, i'm sorry to say this- but i like part one more. this part is worked out better but i found part one more special. don't feel attacked- its my opinion and i'll just be one of the few, and it's nearly impossible to make part two as genious as part one. i rated 9 for the animation total, i rated 10 for part one.
oh, and wiseguynumber7 (comment below) is an idiot. i dont understand him. he's not human. i read his whole comment- his comment was shit, really his statements didn't make sence at all :S

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CaKeS1 responds:

Haha, thanks for the comment. Yeah I couldn't think of a way to make part 2 better then part one xD And thanks for taking my side on the argument with wiseguynumber7 :D


Rated 1 / 5 stars


I'm going to say the nice part first before you comment and try to point out something wrong in my logic. I like the idea, I was actually checked this when it was just uploaded and I've recently just made this account to comment since you're getting so few. The idea of a prisoner's last days kept on a timer they have to watch is cool and you could have something if you worked at it, but (and I have watched both parts several times) it all turns into shit real quick. I understand keeping the purple bad guys hidden and mysterious, after all that's what will bring suspense, but man, every other part of this made me laugh it was bad. This is commenting on both parts so we're clear. In the first part you said all they can do is talk to each other, man WOW that's so sad. If I was locked up in a prison all day, getting to move around freely and talk to people would not suck at all really. Although that maybe your own personal shyness factoring into your wonderful animation. "A signal" was the first of the two I saw and I thought "well this isn't very good but let's see the first part, maybe it was funnier" and the thing I realized is that you explained absolutely nothing between the two. Like when Green kills some nameless thug and says that it's he murdered his friend. Who? Maroon? He killed himself! But maybe it's not maroon maybe it was another friend, but wait, I have no clue who that is do I? The story sucks to say the least and not because of these mysterious counters or the mysterious prison they're in or how they turned off the sun, it sucks because you're just making a story you're trying to fill with drama and intrigue while never developing anything. There is no difference between any character Greens nuts, good job I got that one. All their lines consist of the same generic dribble (nice :D the one guys says in the first part, I was glad you did that actually, hard to tell when a faceless guy is smiling). Also if they're so closely monitored how the fuck did they cut a hole through the wall, cut open their clock things, pass them around in the main room, and get guns and grenades? That's why this sucks ass IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. And don't say in your reply "it will all be explained" no, you can't unless you're making 1.5 "Part of a signal" to explain the shit in part 2. One thing you might say to me regarding how the guy got the guns and stuff was because there was an inside guy, but he's BLUE and in the next scene the guy Green's talking to is the Blue guy, so it looks like he was the inmate who gave his buddy the guns which is really fucking stupid. One last thing is a comment about their pulsing. I understand it's a design choice but it doesn't make them look at all more alive, look at your arm right now, is it growing and shrinking? Hopefully it isn't (and if it is I guess I don't have to watch more of these), which would mean pulsing doesn't mean they're living at all. You've got a cool idea my friend it's just a shame it looks a little hastily done, put some work into it and you could have something worth watching for a few minutes. Oh, and to all the fuckers who've just given him 10's and "epic movie man I don't get it but it would be great if I did" you've never watched a movie or seen something genuinely good in your life. He's got a really shity movie that I like to make fun of because I'm a troll, but this is the first one of these animations where I liked the idea enough to comment and say how you can improve not just rant about how it sucks (though it does). By just giving this crap a 10 you're not looking for quality, 10 means perfect in EVERY WAY this is far from it and really should be improved. Keep going, but don't just keep shitting out flash movies because you can, make shit because your product is good.

CaKeS1 responds:

Thanks for your incredibly long, unnecessary comment. When you said maybe the first one is funnier, that made me laugh. This is clearly NOT a comedy. Walking around and talking to people all day for your entire life would not be fun after a few weeks. It's the same people over and over again. Which you clearly didn't understand. He never said that the "nameless thug" killed his friend, he said the knife did. Though technically the "nameless thug" did kill him by locking him up in there and inventing the limited life time in the first place. It's clear that your not a fan when you literally say "the story sucks." Though I find it hard to believe your capable of even commenting and criticizing this series at this extent, as you've never made anything and obviously don't have much experience or smarts in the animation business. The story WILL explain itself, I don't care what you think, I'll say what I want. You shouldn't go saying that this is impossible to "fix," when in the first place you have no idea how it will end. This is also an ANIMATION, it's not real, I can use whatever style I please, and the "pulsing" is the one I chose. It's not supposed to correspond to my arm (?), it's not real life. The guy that helped them was a very dark blue, the inmate is clearly a lighter blue. I worked on this longer then you think, (and don't tell me otherwise) so don't tell me to put more effort into this. It's 5 minutes long, thats twice as long as your usual flash animation. You even stated your a troll, how unprofessional can you get? By saying this is "crap" shows you know nothing about animation once again. The people that rated it 10 did because they liked it and enjoyed it more then you, you must just have some issues with animating in general to waste this much time commenting this pathetically. And one last thing, saying fuck and shit doesn't make you sound cool. And the people that reviewed this 10 did because they wanted to see it go farther then just sitting in the portal rotting. Clearly you don't understand that.

On that note I'd like to say thank you for your pathetic response, I'm positive that you know nothing about animation, and don't know how to express how you feel about something politely.

Good luck insulting artists you don't have quarter of the skill to meet,



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Omg i like...

both of the animation.
It was really scary on the first one since he seems to lost the will to live.
This one has lots of actions and suspense.
The green guy is epic... seriously. O_O;

I also like your semi-stick characters too :D

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CaKeS1 responds:

Hehe, thanks a lot for that, it really means a lot to me c:

(I've been trying to host it on FA to but it's not letting me, I'll try to figure it out :3)