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Test your aiming and reflex skills on this exciting shooter!

Mouse - Aim
R - Reload
S - Sound on/off

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Fun for two seconds

Read the rules, got psyched for a target-range challenge. Received, instead, a never-ending conveyor belt of floating heads. Took out eight terrorists and ran out of ammo.
"No problem", I hummed to myself "I'll wait until one of those ammo boxes floats by." So I did. Apparently one cannot receive ammo if one has no ammo.
I sat and watched as, through no effort on my part, I advanced through the "levels" until the game ended.
Not fun, not well designed, not challenging.

Poor and vaguely ignorant

Overlapping writing, bad graphics, poor physics, boring gameplay, rubbish soundtrack and apparantly supports shooting anti-gun laws and people who may or may not be terrorists just because they like to wear ski masks. Oh and apparantly never ends, while I was writing this the game was still running and I have yet to see a penalty for NOT shooting things.

Rowkilla responds:

From your "review" I'm guessing you didn't read the rules page. Don't complain about not understanding the game if you don't even bother taking 10 seconds to read something. The rules page shows all the targets in which 3 give points 2 remove points and 5 are utilities.
The game has no political view whatsoever, if you feel insulted by shooting someone who has a ski mask and one with a turban then sorry but that was not the point.
And it does end when you run out of time or bullets.

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1.88 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2010
9:57 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed