Tombs of Anubis

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Koko welcomes you to our latest puzzle game; Tombs of Anubis.

Armed with your camera, you must destroy Anubis and his army of mummies. To complete each level you must take a photograph of your enemies and collect their snap shots before time runs out! But hurry, if you take too long to collect the snap shots, they'll just come back angrier and hungry for revenge!

With over 30 levels of mayhem, we're sure this one will keep you hooked for hours!

--- Win Win Win!---
Simply submit your scores to enter our fantastic prize draw to be in with a chance of winning some top of the range camera equipment from Panasonic.


It's a good game, but it never saves my score!

I noticed this game over a week ago, at first my scores were saving fine, but when I was hitting the higher scores and climbing to the top of the leaderboard (hitting over 500,000) my scores never were saved despite it saying they were submitted.

I've tried saving my scores via IE8 and Mozilla Firefox, neither one working.

I signed up to this site just to see if it'd have any impact, perhaps it'd let me save the scores? But no no no, mission unsuccessful! So I print screened my score this time round.

Here's the screenshot: http://i53.tinypic.com/2ykjqed.jpg

Bloody addictive and good fun! Just a shame about the score submissions!

kokodigital responds:


I have responded to your email, we will look into it for you and hopefully sort it out. Glad you enjoy the game and thats a really good score, certainly the best we have seen so far. Well done.


reminds me of fatal frame but sadly i don't like this. i made it to about lvl 14 and I quit because I couldn't stand taking a picture on the bottom and the picture warps to the very top and vise versa. I was also hoping for some kind of story every 5 to 10 lvls that made us want to photograph Anubis or at least introduce a new mummy.

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very good game

This game was very well made. Nowadays, people make so many different controls for one game that it can be confusing sometimes when you go from game to game. It was refreshing to find a game with such simple controls. :) The graphics were well drawn, and the enemies were kind of fun to turn into photographs (which is a first, extra props on suprising me there, because I've played most games on newgrounds, so I've seen it all). It's a great game to pass the time with, and I look forward to more.

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kokodigital responds:

Thanks for the review, glad to see you liked the game!

ok but lacking

30 levels of almost the same game every level. I needs more than rolling rocks or flying blue orbs throughout the game to make it tough. Out of the 30 levels maybe only 5 were actually challenging. Decent game but needs some more depth. Reminds me of the old old mario brothers platform game before they became super.

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kokodigital responds:

Good to see you had completed the game (publicly you are the first that we know of). Thanks for the review!


Controls felt a bit weird, but other than that, I enjoyed it!

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kokodigital responds:

What did you think made the controls feel wierd? We have kept simple arrow key controls and the spacebar to fire which we felt were pretty standard but are open to hear your thoughts. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

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3.26 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2010
9:48 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle