Bosch Levaluetor

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Arrows: Move
Escape: Back to Levaluetor

Reach the flag to win, enter different number for different results. Be aware that most of the levels are impossible to complete.

Have fun and don't tear out your hair just because of this game. Please leave a comment, all feedback is appriciated.


Most Levels Are Impossible?

Sorry dude but thats not a game, a game you can beat. This is more like a slinky, sometimes it works and sometimes you can move past the first step. Swing and a miss, sorry buddy.

You do have potential you are just going to have to push it a little harder and you will have a decent game on your hands.

Sejez responds:

Besides fixing the controls, I'm pretty limited on options, and most of them would easily remove any appeal that the game has.

We are not talking about a little fix here, but a major revamp. Ending up with a engine that creates only completable levels would require a shitload of work, and the final result most likely be a game where most levels are piss easy.

Meh, I think I will make a game thats more suited to random generated levels next time, platform games aren't easy to get working properly with engines like this.

A realistic option tough would be to make a fixed game that select a small group of levels that get progressively harder, I just wonder if I should bother.

I like the idea of random levels,

but the first five I tried were impossible. Just adding a disclaimer to that effect doesn't make it any less frustrating. Keep the random level idea, but make better levels.

Sejez responds:

I can't exactly "make better levels" as the creation process is handled by a psuedorandom number generator. Tough I'm trying to find ways to detect if a level is playable, I really have no clue how to implement a good algorithm that can do just that. Most likely it will only detect levels that are very easy at best and still use a considrable amount of time to figure it out.

But I'm looking for ways to get around this in the meantime. Most probably I will scrap this project and make a game where the such generation methods are more feasible.

well thats original

that was a very original concept for a game. i must say, however, the controls need to be a little smoother. as for the game itself, it got pretty anoying when i couldn't find a playable level, there should be some method to figuring it out ( and if there is already one, one that is less complicated and gets more difficult as you go) there is deffinetly room for improvement , but if you fix this up it could be a very good game

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Sejez responds:

If you have any other ideas on how to improve the game please do tell. Smoother controls wont make the game more playable in it's current state. There isn't any method for figuring out if a level is beatable, the best thing you can do is try to distinguish the unbeatable levels from the fustratingly hard ones.


Shitty controls. "Most levels are impossible"? So what's the point? No one wants to play a game that can't be beaten.

Sejez responds:

Note the word "most" . I'm still playing around with the idea, so look forward to a better game from me next time.


it's fun. but really needs a main menu button, especially on unbeatable levels

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Sejez responds:

In the main menu it tells that you can use the Escape button to do just this.

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2.00 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2010
4:36 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle