Shattered Heaven Act 3.7

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I would like to point out something in case it wasn't obvious to some. These are not stand alone episodes, they are part of a full 20 minute episode. I understand that some by themselves are somewhat boring, but remember these are connected to others. I normally would post them all up at the same time. But since this episode has hit snags and has taken longer than I year, I've just been posting scenes as they've been completed.

Reviews: I appreciate them, and have no problem with tips and/or advice. But immature comments, anything of the like of "this sux" "crap" "garbage" will not be read or even looked at seriously. Don't waste your time and my own. I'm not saying or expecting everyone to like what I do in my free time, but at least be some what mature is all I ask.

Synopsis of scene:
After the fighting has ended Adam Novus finds himself alive and in the presence of an old friend much to his surprise.

"Fading Light"
Things are intensifying as the conflict is getting hotter. Demetrius Libertas, an ex representative for the EAP has shown his face once again. His intentions are unknown at the moment. Battles are still waging amongst the various Angel training facilities but all eyes are on New York as Adam Novus tries to fend off the mysterious frames that have advanced.

Adam Novus: nikedrummer33
Sharon Amare: Mochan
Stephen Novus: Stephen Alonso
Ashley Bellelus: Mippa
Mario Liberalis: Mysticshinhanku
Heather Pertencia: candi
Luscious Malum: Aramek
Gail Contandino: Photoshoptimeryan
Solus Saevio: clwinston
Forza Devinco: Sfox
Serenity Credo: Rina-chan/Haushinka
Chris Procella: Dymatrex
Keira Sequor: Merodi
Leo Ombra: Leo Rubino
Amy: Lira Tao
Animus Pravelo: Bwoods
Demetrius Libertas: Russ
Lenard Shaw: Edwyn
Yuna Innitor: Hnilmik
Elaine Libre: Scarlotte
Freya Abby: Mirielle
Christina Effloresco: Sapphire
Jen Fama: Catoni15
Sean Repens: Rebelcheese
Mike Aquilis: Sonicmega
Marius: bomberman61

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A bit compelling

I have not gotten much into the series, so it is hard to judge how good it is in terms of storyline. There were a lot of good and bad things about this. The best thing was that the dialogue was actually pretty compelling and it did a good job of making you feel for the characters. The downsides were that the voice acting did seem a little off. It seemed like some of the actors were too close to the microphone or something. The voices were still great as this has got to be one of the largest casts I have ever seen.

I am surprised this did not get more views as there were simply so many people who worked on it. It seems to be more proper to just list the actors who were in the episode. The animation did seem a bit off too. The way the blood flowed from his mouth seemed a little contrasting to the better animation style. This series definitley has potential, just put in some more action and maybe a bit longer for more character development.


it is better than i've expected :)

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3.82 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2010
12:14 AM EDT