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Ovum Defender

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Author Comments

endless survival game....

your main objective is to protect the egg from the huge waves of sperm by destroying them with your gun....

collect as much money as you can, so you can buy more powerful weapon or buy some upgrades...

aim: Mouse
shoot primary weapon: Left mouse button
shoot secondary weapon: keyboard S
activate shield: keyboard A

toggle sound on/off: keyboard X
toggle graphic quality: keyboard 1, 2, 3 (high, medium, low)

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Pretty original concept this was pretty challenging too but good work

Upgrades Are Fucking Expensive

This is actually a fun little shooter that does indeed have a small delay in the beginning every time you shoot an enemy, and the upgrades are also incredibly expensive, so my advice is to go with the machine gun every time if you wanna win.

Not bad

The game's not bad, however it seems that when I shoot a sperm, there is a slight delay before I can shoot again and that made it impossible later on to survive.

ovum defender?

i thought you just wrecked em.

Who knew killing sperm was this hard

yeah its challenging, not sure if im up for it, but its a fun game to say the least