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it took me all of summer vacation to make this so i hope you like it. it was a lot of hard work. well since a lot of people guestion me but the year is 3010 and invader known as picolo IV invades Gohan JR. house



This was entertaining, I remember when I couldnt do shit in flash... no wait I still cant do shit in flash.

Not bad for a beginner.

I can see right away that you at least gave it a good shot at this, but try to beef up your frames a bit, like add extra animation to whats already there. Seeing how you're a beginner, you always have room to improve, so try to practise some more, then I'm sure you'd be good at it.


It was a decent attempt, but I doubt it took you all summer. Mouse drawings and all that... try for a bit of a smoother look, if you do another one. And, maybe a bit more music.

Voices were okay.

A real TotW?

I can't believe someone other than those spammers finally won this Award. o-o

Anyhow, the animation is on the beginner side. One thing I reccommend is to either increase the frame rate or add more between each drawing you have to make it appear to run smoother.
And if you have the money, I suggest buying a DSi and downloading Flipnote Hatena for free. It is a good animation program that only allows 2 colours at a time, which is good for starting animators.
I say if you keep practing, I know you can improve. -wo

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Bad but funny

I got to say that it's great to see a worthy & earned Turd of the Week and though this was bad i got a good laugh from it considering how bad it was with the bad animation and everything else this had to offer i found it hard to believe it took you all summer to make this but none the less congrats on the Turd of the Week and you really deserve it. =)

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Aug 10, 2010
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