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it took me all of summer vacation to make this so i hope you like it. it was a lot of hard work. well since a lot of people guestion me but the year is 3010 and invader known as picolo IV invades Gohan JR. house




suck my balls

its OK for a begginer but hell if im going to give you a scor bigger than 0
quit fapping and do bette

the hell is this?

ok so i respect the thing that it took you a hole summer to make this and that you are a beginner to making flash, but my rating is 0 im not trying to be an asshole but it seriously sucked,it at leastwould have been a 2 but the voice acting knocked everything away,i bearlyunderstood what they were talking about, it was like farting,now the name is ss infinite i guess it means super sayian infinite? only my guess, you should explain what the movie is about in the description, because lots of people who watched this flash don't even know what it's about, now about the song at the end i think you added it so that it would be funny? well maybe if the animation doesnt suck or if everything is very fast in the movie and in this case the song wasn't really needed a BIG advice - stop wasting summers they are meant for holidays and fun not making shitty flashes, you should work on your flash on winter or autumn not the holidays, and the last thing - you realy have to watch your own flash when you finish it, look at all the flaws, remove them, rewatch the flash try to act as one of the reviewers and review the movie if it's good,funny,has good animation or just entertaining you should post it on newgrounds, but if you think that the flash is good then your retarded, sure it will tak much more time, but if you wanna become a famous newgrounds user or entertain us or both then you should really learn some skills and put in some time.

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TRLuigi responds:

i'm sorry but i'm trying

Needs major improvements

Ugh, there are a lot of problems here.

Firstly i'll start with the basic's. The animation is dreadful, i'm not joking. You need to practise on your animation more. There are alot of helpful tutorials on here. You should watch them all before you make anymore flash. Then practise until you feel confident enough to make a flash movie.

Secondly, the voice acting was horrible. I don't care how old you are, you need to put more effort into voice acting for your characters. Also the long song at the end is completly unnecessary.

Finaly, there is no clear plot to how your story is going to develop. Next time you must explain what your movie is about.

Please take these points on board if you want to avoid getting another embarrassing TOTW.

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Fairly bad

I like "Dragonball Z" as much as the next guy and this was not a good tribute. The most important factor was that the animation was pretty bad. I guess I have seen worse, but you really need to work with drawing tools to make more clear lines. I had no clue why Piccolo was there or why there was the Super Saiyan 5 Goku (I think). It is too bad you spent such a long time on this and got the turd of the week reward. I think next time you should work more on action scenes and a plot for that matter.

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Aug 10, 2010
9:05 PM EDT
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