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Callow Drift

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I had some fun with Callow Drift... I wanted an upbeat, lighthearted platformer with a little more challenge than most games platformers offer. While it may look like a children's game (and arguably, it is) it's gameplay and controls are better suited for experienced players. Have a shot at collecting all the stars and explore vicariously through Callow Drift!

Would love to hear your comments too!

EDIT 8/11/10: Thanks everyone for your feedback - glad you like it!

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Be careful with this one. It may be cute, but it's tough as nails sometimes. Despite this, I really loved this game. I love the Rayman like Hover that Callow has, I love how the game is set up like Mario 64 where you collect stars to unlock new levels, and I love how cute it all is! Newgrounds needs more games that make you feel this good!


it means obsessive compulsive disorder.

best plat former ever!

i found all the stars but what does "OCD" mean?

It's amazing how a simple little game can...

.....be more engaging then half the huge budget console games out today. A small idea can branch out in a million different ways for the player. bravo.


But kind of short and very easy. Not sure if it deserves that only for experienced players part of the description.