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Hi there,

Ray Quest is a 3D shooter/rpg which features up to 32 levels, 4 level bosses, 4 different stages, spaceship upgrades, fully 3D graphics and original music. Have fun! :)
Hey, so glad for the Daily 4th Place. Thank you all for the reviews, they're very helpful and they're gonna help me in case I'll make a sequel! :)


Pretty good

Nothing new or particularly interesting, but a good time-killer nonetheless, at the very least.
Kudos on the old-style 3D graphics, but as a shooter game I feel you have stuck with the most elementary basics here, leaving out a lot of features that are standard issue for this kind of game nowadays (different ships, and occasional power-ups floating around).
A pretty neat game overall, but lacking depth. Make more, and may the next be lots better.


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pretty good

Yeah, I thought the auto-fire was a pretty good idea cos in these kinds of games that's all I do anyway.

Call me a suckup but I agree completely with CreepingDeth101, so I'm not going to just repeat what he said.

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Not Even High....

If this game was weed it'd be BAMMER WEED~!

Very Nice

The gameplay was very smooth and the types of zones you flew over changing kept it interesting. Also I feel that the enemies matched the zones perfectly, save for maybe the third boss, I can't put my finger on it but that one felt a bit off. It's probably just me. Someone already complimented the auto-fire, and I concur. It was a good idea. Dodging and aiming was enough to do, and with this kind of game you'd just be holding down or mashing the fire buitton anyway. Music was cool, graphics were very SNES starfox-ish minus only the length of the game and a story. If there was a story I didn't read it. You don't need one for these old-timey shooters. I do have two suggestions, but they wouldn't add much to the game.

1: Bombs: limited: wipe out all enemies on screen. I'd make them hard to come by and only able to hold one at a time in cargo, separate button.
2: homing missiles or lasers or whatever, weaker than standard weapons by about 50%, uses auto-fire, but using yet another button can be turned off to naught but regular weapons again.

Like I said these are not really great suggestions. But I do think they would boost your game's dynamics.

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i like it!

well, i don't know about you all, but i liked the idea of the auto fire. i also don't understand why people want some story to a game where you're going to be shooting stuff, i think it's pointless. but i would've been better to have more than one ship to fly in.

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight