Ray Quest

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Hi there,

Ray Quest is a 3D shooter/rpg which features up to 32 levels, 4 level bosses, 4 different stages, spaceship upgrades, fully 3D graphics and original music. Have fun! :)
Hey, so glad for the Daily 4th Place. Thank you all for the reviews, they're very helpful and they're gonna help me in case I'll make a sequel! :)


You made it!

I liked your game very much - though I'm not a big fan of these "spaceship-fire-ahead" games.
The sound was really well fitting, maybe an additional song, but I was really ok.
While the controls were very precise the ship was too slow at the beginning and just at a normal speed at the end.
( I had these upgrades:
damage 10/10
health 9/10
speed 9/10
Anyways: damage was the best, if I couldn't upgrade it I took speed and health just when necessary.

The graphics were nice, I like that clean design, but at least you could improve that as well. ( on the other side no real loading times or anything like that).
The bosses were too easy.

->harder bosses, shorter chapters (maybe just 28 levels?), something that makes this game special (the creator of exit path has discovered this *specialness*)

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Just short of a perfect game, kept me playing and was quite interesting. Loved it.

Great Job!

I loved it! The graphics were great, very impressive. The sound was good too. Everything seemed to flow together really well.

The upgrades were pretty good. The speed and damage upgrades were spot on. They were not too strong nor too weak for the upcoming level. However the health upgrade seemed a bit useless. I found myself only updating it whenever I absolutely had to and then I felt like I had almost wasted the experience. I think the amount of health dropped in the game hurt the usefulness of the health upgrade.

That said, the experience points seemed mostly right. At first it annoyed me that enemies began to stop dropping xp, but I realized it was to prevent me from playing an easy level over and over again and getting a sweet ship easily. So that turned out to be a good thing. But I felt like I got a bit short changed on xp when I fought a boss. In fact the bosses kind of seemed a bit too easy.

I also really would have liked to see more obstacles and enemies. Like tanks and ground turrets. And in the city if the buildings were hazards that I had to fly around. Or bridges to fly under. Or a canyon level with rock obstacles.

But great job! I'm really looking foreward to a sequel.

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fairly simple

but a fun game nonetheless. just max out the guns and youre golden, that and i never got hit even with NO speed upgrades.

You know,

Its not that bad. Its a fun, 3D RPG -Shooter. However, look verry close to the ship you controll. Now look at some of the enemies. Doen't remind you of something. To me, It looks like you ripped off the Gummy Ships from Kingdom Hearts, but thats just me. I also think you made the game a little too easy. Other than that, its a fun game.

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight