Ray Quest

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Hi there,

Ray Quest is a 3D shooter/rpg which features up to 32 levels, 4 level bosses, 4 different stages, spaceship upgrades, fully 3D graphics and original music. Have fun! :)
Hey, so glad for the Daily 4th Place. Thank you all for the reviews, they're very helpful and they're gonna help me in case I'll make a sequel! :)


it could be better

it's pretty fun at first but it does get repetitive...
also, the enemies don't really pose a threat...

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Too Slow.

The ship never really gets up to a movement speed I like, and it starts to become insane to level up rather quickly. I also didn't really like the limit on what you could level up, I would rather max out speed and attack so I can focus on killing before the enemy fires instead of being forced to keep my ship balanced and bland. Otherwise it was a good job, nice graphics and sound.

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This was a great game that follows the basic scrolling shooter guidelines... It doesn't matter what it is, just shoot it.

"BTW did anyone else see an arwing in the ocean area?"

Good game with GREAT potential

I tend to only write reviews on games I really like, or think has alot of potential, and this is one of them.

Your graphics are just outstanding. I love the styles of this game. The music is good and the gameplay is tight. My criticism is that, in all fields, we need more.

More variety in the enemies, including more swarming type enemies would really liven up the pacing of the gameplay. More backgrounds or even randomized/planned deviations from the norm would be very good to break up the monotony. Like, have a whale jump out of the ocean on the water level now and again, or fly past a building where something is happening like a fire. More musical tracks are a must. The track was good but extremely grating by the end of the game.

THe pacing of the game itself is of some concern. It felt very slow. I really wanted the levels to be over by the time I hit the bosses. Shortening the levels, adding more swarming style enemies to quicken the pace of gameplay and adding more types of level to compensate for the shortening of the boards would make take this decent game and really crank it up to great.

Very good work here, seriously!

Interesting game...

Graphics: 10/10. Really, I can't give you anything less. It looks like a 3D DS game
Music And Sound: 5/10. The music was good, but WOW was it repetitive! Maybe a different track for each level, or at least for the bosses? And the sound was nothing special
Concept and Execution: 6/10. Nothing really new for the concept. As for the execution, well, the level up system was good, but there needs to be more of a penalty for dying. Also, the levels were mostly reskins of earlier levels, with a new enemy thrown in every now and then
Controls: 10/10. I LOVE it when the controls are simple and easy to use! Even my laptop could handle it, and it usually has the keys stick when I play flash games, leading to a few instances where I run to my death, with me unable to control it

Total: 31/40 = 7.75/10 = 8/10. Good game, but could use some polishing. All in all, I would play it again. The simplicity, by the way, could make it a good iPhone game. Just give it that little bit of polish, and I would certainly get it on my iPhone

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight