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Hi there,

Ray Quest is a 3D shooter/rpg which features up to 32 levels, 4 level bosses, 4 different stages, spaceship upgrades, fully 3D graphics and original music. Have fun! :)
Hey, so glad for the Daily 4th Place. Thank you all for the reviews, they're very helpful and they're gonna help me in case I'll make a sequel! :)


A visual delight for so long...

Let me first say that I KNOW how much work you have put into this, And the last thing you would want is a bad review.
But this one isn't all bad...
Now, this game is one of the most visually impressive I have ever played.
The control was spot on, and everything was very stylized and looked so fantastic. I also enjoyed the Leveling feature, which added a layer of strategy
Ah! But this rose has it's thorns. The game-play was severely lacking, there wasn't much to the game and it gets boring way before you can level up. which also could have used some work. (It would have been awesome to have sub-groups like Shot,Missile, and laser.)
Basically, This game get repetitive.
But, I know you have worked your best on this.
I'm just saying that you may have put to much into the graphics and not enough into the game-play.

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i perfected my ship, greatest 3d flash shooter game ever, and i love the effect you did to make it look 16 bit, great work.


I'll keep it short and simple, more upgrades, better enemies/more creative and a more challenging. I suggest you take a look at Enigmata (a shooter game here on newgrounds) it might give you some good ideas.

I loved it

I really liked every part of it... It was truly fun, entertaining & enjoyable .... Look forward to seeing more !


While this game is not bad, it doesn't have any points that make it shine either. Here are my qualms:

- Very generic shot patterns for enemies and bosses. Enemies in the later areas felt pretty much like the ones in the beggining, but with stronger shots and more life... wich is pretty dull. Make enemies shoot in entwining patterns, wave-like shots, homing missiles, etc, not just frontal balls.

- No extra weapons for your ship. No missiles, lasers, nothing. Just the plain old energy shot.

- Game is absolutely easy, I had no difficulties whatsoever and I didn't die once. Enemies drop too much life ... The only reason why I put any upgrade points in life is because I was forced to do so after using them on speed and power.

- Unbalanced benefits for each upgrade category. Putting poitns in firepower helps you tremenduously, putting a point in life raises it from 16 to 24 (50% increase), but putting a point in speed makes very little difference in relation to the previous state.

- The bosses are a joke. Way too easy to dodge their shots and very uncreative boss movement and shooting patterns (you should have made an effort with shot patterns AT LEAST with the bosses, but that's not the case). Also, I killed the third boss in like 5 seconds, whilst having the shot power upgraded 2 points below the maximum. He actually gave me less "trouble" than the first and second bosses. You seriously need to fix that one.

- No mouse control.

- No way to reduce graphical quality.

Despite all these flaws, it did manage to entertain me for some time, and it's not the worst I've seen. So I'm giving it a 2 for "nothing too new or interesting".

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
2:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight