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English Pub Pool

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3 in one shot 5 Points

Pot 3 balls in one shot - try hitting the break with full top spin!

Doubles Bronze 5 Points

Win the Bronze Trophy in the Doubles Challenge.

Good Break 5 Points

Make a break of 5 balls. Hint: Easy to do in the Random Potting Challenge.

Single Ball Pots Bronze 5 Points

Win the Bronze Trophy in the Single Ball Pots Challenge.

Snookers Bronze 5 Points

Win the Bronze Trophy in the Snookers Challenge.

3-Ball Silver 10 Points

In the 3-Ball Challenge mode, win the Silver Trophy by potting 30.

Big Break 10 Points

Make a break of 10.

Fluke Black 10 Points

In an 8-ball match, fluke the black ball off the break! Note: this is a void break, but pretty cool.

Top 10 Player 10 Points

Win tournaments and get a ranking in the top 10.

Won Tournament 10 Points

Win a tournament, either 8-ball or straight pool mode.

Huge Break 25 Points

Make a break of 15.

Random Clear-Up Gold 25 Points

Win the Gold Trophy in the Random Clear-Up Time Attack!

Seven Ball CPU 25 Points

In an 8-ball match, win a frame and leave a medium level CPU with all 7 of their balls still on the table.

Straight Pool White Wash 25 Points

White wash a medium or better CPU player in a straight pool match. E.g. win 15-0!

Top 5 Player 25 Points

Win tournaments and get a ranking in the top 5 players.

Clear-Up Off Break 50 Points

In an 8-ball match, pot all of your balls and the black without your opponent having a shot!

Legendary Break 50 Points

Make a break of 30!

Random Clear-Up Perfect 50 Points

Clear the table without missing a ball in the Random Clear-Up Time Attack.

Random Potting Gold 50 Points

In the Random Potting Challenge, win the Gold Trophy by potting 50 balls!

Rank Number 1 Player 100 Points

Win tournaments and become rank #1!

Author Comments

English Pub Pool - Play 8-Ball & Straight Pool Tournaments, Time Attacks and Challenges. Win over 60 trophies for top scores, big breaks and special shots.

Improve your Pub Rank by winning the 6 tournaments against 15 computer players.

There are 20 NEWGROUNDS MEDALS up for grabs worth a total of 500 points!


- Three 8-Ball Tournaments
- Three Straight Pool Tournaments

- Random Potting:
Pot as many balls as you can! You've got 5 lives to make as bigger score as possible. The balls are randomly replaced after you've cleared the first 15 balls. Gain extra lives by potting the black ball.

- 3-Ball:
Like Random Potting, but with only 3 balls. Each ball potted is replaced with a randomly placed new ball. You'll need excellent positional play to make a top score.

- Single Ball Pots:
Pass ten challenges by potting the black ball in one shot.

- Doubles:
Make ten doubles.

- Snookers:
Get out of each snooker to progress.

- Random Clear-Up:
Clear the table as fast as possible. Get bonuses for big breaks and good accuracy.

- Random Clear-Ups:
Clear each round without missing a ball to progress.

Set the 8-Ball Rules:
You can change the 8-ball rules to your preferred settings. You can choose to play 2-shots after fouls or not, place the cue ball anywhere after fouls or not, amongst other rules preferences. The default rules are set to common British rules played in many pubs.

Human vs Human:
You can play against your mates at home through the Single Matches options.

This game offers quick thinking and challenging AI players to compete against. All of your game stats are automatically saved, so your pub rank will not be lost when you play come back to play again (as long as you're on the same computer!)


Notice: 2011-06-06
New Games!
- American 9-Ball Pool
--- http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/571718
- Pub Snooker
--- http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/584642
--- Play Snooker Tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks. Improved computer player AI.

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awesome Game

this game is awesome. the Controls are easy. the Medals are awesome. Keep up the awesome work.

Decent pool game

ok so i love pool and this was right up there with some of the best pool games in {FLASH} anyways, very impressive, The {LOADING-TIME} could have been somewhat better, but it was still worth the load, so great job there, now i must say this was kinda hard, the {SHOOTING} part can be tricky when you want it to hit a spot, but still i have to say it was still pretty entertaining and fun, so untill next time keep up the good work. and fun games

some smoother shooting would be nice

fun game great classic of pool, but needs more smooth shooting


What'll you playing at

Hey what ever happen to the colored and striped pool balls. What kind of pool game is this just red and yellow.

NipponMonkey responds:

In the UK the standard balls are reds and yellows - Google "UK pool tables" and click on images to see the real thing. I've made an American versions of this game called American 8-Ball Pool & American 9-Ball Pool which both have numbered spots and stripes balls. Cheers

best game ever

really good i love it

NipponMonkey responds:

Cheers :D

this is annoying

"the landlady" AI seems to be cheating and annoying
it hits every piece of crap and its pissing me off
get that AI off this game