Big Pixel Zombies

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Big Pixel Zombies, from the same team who brought you the hit game Big Pixel Racing.


Auto-Aim Mode :
Mouse to move and shoot. Your player will automatically aim at the nearest enemy/object.
Space bar to throw purchased items
Q & E keys to cycle through weapons

Manual Mode:
Mouse to aim and shoot. WASD keys to move.
Space bar to throw purchased items
Q & E keys to cycle through weapons

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The Big Pixel Studios Team


The thing i dont like

The thing i dont like about this game is the Follow mouse...If your Firing a gun to a zombie, you will head that direction, thus DYING.

Not sure if it's a big, or was intended...

If you go back to buy a dog, after you've purchased Snoop (The one with the Mini-Gun for 750 Kills) which ever dog you purchase again becomes the dog on the level. I went back to try and see if you can have two dogs, but it only replaced my Snoop with a Max. Kinda disappointing.

Fun game though, time killer for sure. Nothing too special though :)



Not very realistic for one thing. Why get rid of kills to buy stuff? Wierd how experience carries over after death. Kind of begs you to play the same levels over and over.

Not bad...

It's not bad, but not great either. I'd love to see a sequal to this with a few tweaks/changes/improvements. Whatever you'd like to call them, I'd love to see them hapen.

First off, zombies. Not bad, and nice assortment. Definitly a nice job with the big zombies turning into smaller ones. and also nice about teh animals. Nice touches, not many use that style of zombies. Unfortunatly, there were only a few, and in like 5 levels or so, they were all unlocked, so the game got real boring, real quick.

Next weapons. Most of them were fine. Seemed like the average weapons you find in any zombie game. Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and chain gun. Even a chainsaw bonus in there. Not a bad setup. Though, I wouldn't mind seeing a few othjers, like a flamethrower, or something else? that's really allI can think of to add to the game.

And finally, funding/pricing. nice touch with the kills being the currency. I do have to say, the price should be brought down, because after I bought the single weapons, I spent some time being bored trying to get the others.

I still come back to play, it's in my favorites. But, I say, if you make another, I'll give it a try.


The only thing that irked me was the high pitched sound aghajgshjhgajshahgskhjagsa.
other than that,, great game.

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2010
9:18 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional