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***UPDATE 16/08***
Did some more refining, balanced the weapons out a bit more, add some better graphics and did some work on the purchase weapons system.

***UPDATE 13/08 and bugs fixed***
Thanks for all your feedback people! I have done a major overhaul of the weapons and shooting system, and fixed all the bugs regarding click detection and the reloading glitch at the end of the day, it should work perfectly now. I have also changed the wall repair system, you will now repair the walls manually in the shop at the end of each day. Also I have moved the second checkpoint to day 15 ( I had put it at day 31 for testing purposes, but had forgotten about it). More updates coming soon..theres tons of stuff that I have yet to do to make this an awesome game, but am struggling to find the time these days.

You are the sole survivor of a science expedition to Mars gone horribly wrong. The mission was to extract a rare substance similar to uranium and transport back to earth for research. The party is amushed by creatures, and all but yourself are mercilessly slain and devoured. You must barricade yourself and use any means nessecary to defend yourself while you wait for help to arrive.

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Extremely long, but ok.

The second checkpoint is after you complete day 31.

I have played to day 102, author please respond if there is a end to this game, because I haven't reached it.

Everything kind of makes sense here, as since this is survival you have to have the patients of surviving a long number of days. the quick regen on the walls is really quick with the healing, but it will go down if too many creatures are attacking that wall, has a meaning of strength in numbers, except the plasma wall, I haven't seen it go down. Considering that the game is extremely long, it would have been nice of you put more upgrades rather than just three. The last two weapons, bug blaster and plasma cannon, have the same stats when you level both of them to max. The only difference is one is more silent and costly, so you never really have to buy the plasma cannon unless you want to. Also when the bug reaches to close to the fence and attack, sometimes they will turn complete 360 degrees and continue attacking missing the fence entirely.

- Add Checkpoints or a saving system thing.
- Don't make it extremely long.
- Add something to let the players know that they are actually getting somewhere.
- More equipment would be nice, but what you have now is ok.
- You could add a buy to repair option, or stick with the regen, but make the regen less "quick"

desertforce responds:

The second checkpoint was supposed to be at day 15, but I had moved it to day 31 for testing purposes, and forgotten about it. And you now repair walls in the upgrade menu at the end of each day, instead of that automatic thing.

*Note: when you purchase new barricades, the walls are automatically repaired, as one might find would happen in real life..lol

It's alright.

I've found a few gliches, such as the unlimited ammo after you've finished a level, works on all the weapons I was able to get... up until the assault rifle.
I liked the self repairing barriers, though after I upgraded the barrier to something 'stronger', it didn't seem to make much of a difference.


Okay but no fun at all. Just buy the ak 47. Very cheap, wide hit ratio despite the misfires. I really don't like that you can downgrade your wall and can't buy back the higher upgrade. I bought the concrete wall and then the barbed wire hoping they would combine but sadly no they don't. I made it to day 22 and quit out of frustration of having almost 10k and nothing to spend it on.

where are my gun upgrades?

Game is extremely easy, i bought the assult rifle early on and and still destroying levels on day 17...how long do i have to go until i can buy new guns? i bought 1 wall upgrade (the cheapest) and the bugs still cant touch it. here's some suggestions:

-stronger enemy attack
-good guns cost more
-get rid of the shotgun, or make a sweet one
-availability of locked guns earlier, or after x-amt of kills
-no auto repair

these would make it a little more challenging


i remember playing the beta for this game

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2010
4:57 AM EDT
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