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Good snake game

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Good snake game. DAWT

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i have played this a bunch of time


Good snake or Normal Snake.

I did well for my first run. I like that you can go through the walls exec. Now expand on it to make it better.

#1: Make the game at least 3 times bigger than it is now.

#2: Make levels, more obsitcals the higher the levels.

#3: Different music, or a selection of music.

#4: Display your score at the end after you "Lose". It currently just clears it.

#5: Add some detail to the snake and links of the snake, not just boxes.


Ok, it's nothing fancy, just a plain old snake game. I guess every flash is sufficient as long as you learn something while you make it!
Word of advice: never describe how great a submission is in the title.


Not original, and the snake moves a little too quickly and the area to play in is too small. But you have a good start, you just got add some individuality too it.

Alright. but nothin' new

OK, i mean it was just snake but i liked the music(tetris remix?).