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Click near a critter and drag to guide it. Guide a critter past another critter to grab it and form a chain.

Made for the TIGSource competition: A Game By It's Cover.

Based on a picture drawn by TMKY.net.

Sorry about the MacLeod song. :P

EDIT: I won't respond to all of your comments, but I will say that you guys are awesome. Thanks! ^_^


score 1735 XD

w00ty nice game here


I really liked it, unique style
Did you possibly get the idea from the PS3 game "flower"
its similar, only with petals :-)
a good job sir

I don't care if I'm 'confused'

I think it's great :) Clearly some people don't appreciate a little game to cool off the mind.
The game was not "pointless" and eventually became slightly challenging for me to control mutliple critters.
Someone could even write a small story for this ;D


I have seen it before. People taking advantage of the fact that newgrounds will accept anything that's even slightly "deep" as a masterpiece of art. I don't like it.

I guess I have to review the game, here goes.
I found that the gameplay was pointless and not entertaining; all you did was collecting score.

shaktool responds:

Anybody who thinks this is a masterpiece is probably confused. :) Basically it's just supposed to be relaxing. Sorry if it came across as pretentious!


I spent the first half of the game dodging all the pink circles, not realizing you're supposed to pick them up.
Or are you? I'm still not sure, all I know is the game counts what you collect, and you can have other animals latch on and... well, I'm just not sure what the point of the game is, or what the challenge is (if there even is one, not saying games have to have one)
Graphics are simple and cute, music is soothing and sound effects are nice. Overall a pretty and relaxing game, it just leaves me perplexed in regards to the point of it.

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3.66 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2010
5:12 PM EDT
Skill - Collect