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Hellami Episode 2

rated 3.95 / 5 stars
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Aug 8, 2010 | 11:58 AM EDT

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Author Comments

So here's Hellami episode 2. Episode 3 is in development!

You can know more about the HELLAMI Animated Series here -

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*Read the reviews. There are really good ones and really bad ones & i respect all of them except for the ones that accuse me of something that i didn't do. :)

Enjoy. Thank you for the frontpage :)



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Have to agree with JustYellowboy

This could have been put together a little better. Also, it's no consistent. You start with captions and then you stop using them. The story jumps from place to place. You don't really have a feel for the characters at all and I honestly feel like I was watching a fan made version of Hellsing. The only thing missing is Alucard and the Hellsing Organization. This can still be salvaged with some work. You have a good voice acting cast (well except for the black guy.) Just need to tighten up the story and it's delivery.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Execution is barely present; mediocre at best.


You idiots below me need to give reasons for your scores. To those who did, good work, you missed some things, and that's why I'm here.

From what I've seen, Kindigo, the work here is severely lacking in a number of qualities. First and most trivial, the music here was almost completely anti-atmospheric, save for the drum-and-bass track, and that was shut down with a flashback. Honestly, nobody that viewed this was able to connect to the work, no matter how hard they tried. You need to work on pacing and actually deliver an action scene when we expect one to happen. Plastering an unnecessary flashback in this is like being slapped in the face. You copped out, big time, or at least procrastinated, and I have no reason to believe that you will do a good job on the fight when you get to it.

Of course, I could settle for an in-depth explanation about the events leading up to the fight, but you know what it was? "Guys! A *girl* is our boss!" "WHAT WOAH" "I'm going in with a cheesy line, you sissy men."

What kind of story writing is that? Did any of you voice actors cringe, just a little bit, at your lines? I swear, I could *hear* the reluctance in the voice actor's performance of the first sexist in the scene. Dude, "death isn't scary, life is?" If anyone said that before trying anything dangerous, I'd stop them, thinking it's a hidden suicide message! Your main character is so two-dimensional and simple that I could cut it out of a cardboard box labeled "Mary Sue." The entire flashback was uneventful and furthermore cheaply executed, and you should've manned up and started drawing a fight scene. Take months and make a masterpiece, don't take a week and make a poorly thought-out mediocrity.

I think your choice of colors is probably the most unique part, but yellow and cyan is not good. It hurts, no matter how artistic it's supposed to be. There's no reason *not* to pick any other colors. The art style is scratchy and looks unclean and lazily-drawn, and the animation itself is jumpy. Sometimes in a forgivable way, like you made an effort, but most of the time, it's so blocky, especially at the punch (oh God the punch, a punch to the camera. Seriously? How old is this "trick?") there's just no smoothness. It's not fluid at all, most of the time. You almost completely rely on smoke-and-mirror effects that don't fit in with your art style. You're just one of those artists that must muscle the talent in pure, or at least you must master the animation end of the department.

Poor writing, unnecessary scene, terrible transitions, cheesy/unconvincing voice acting, unclean art style, poor choice and placement of music, jarring pacing, and most of all, a heavy atmosphere of low quality laziness. At the very least, you have better anatomical structure than most members of the site, and the character design is satisfactory (you should amp up the designs, too, might as well), and as far as color working goes, it's solid.

Things did not go well, but if you really want to do a game, you might as well. I recommend against it, just focus on the movies and see if you can make a higher caliber production.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


u used the term "scary" god man dig a little deeper seriously and dude below me huge reviews dont make u any less retarded alright get a clew

but still 10/10


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice :)

Not bad, reminds me of alot of different vampire-based animes. At least I'm a bit happy you're not romanticising vampires. :)
In terms of technicalities, your animation was great, I like the sketchy-realistic style, although I think it still needs improvement, at times the animation seemed to fail the 'realistic' feel, particularly at the times when we encountered the vampire. I do not see anything wrong with the voice acting, but...
This leads to my next point, I think you overdramatised this episode ever so slightly. Because at times your animation was a bit choppy (and your music choice didn't help it) it felt overdramatised and because of that the voice acting felt overdone, and then everything felt overdone. Try to balance. =)
When people say your story-line is repetitive in regards to other vampire animes and films I believe they're being too critical. It's very difficult to be absolutely original in this day and age, so I think the only way you can get achieve a good reaction from your viewers is to make the acting (interaction between the characters) as best as possible.
With that said I sincerely hope you develop the characters more - I think it's very difficult to show a deeply developed character in the first couple episodes of any series, but keep trying. Also try not to make all of them act badass, because that is truly annoying - have a variety of different personalities, it makes the audience take your flash more seriously and keeps them interested. It isn't enough to have good animation - you also need a good plot.
Otherwise this is a good episode. I hope you make another one! I'd like to see where this goes =D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Remind me of Hellsing.
Nice animation.