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This is my first submission to Newgrounds; and I'm relatively new to Flash with only a few weeks of experience under my belt. I would like to thank scartheatre, though, for being a good critique for my earlier things and inspiring me to try a larger-scale animation than the 3-second shorts I had done for his "Roll Call Collab".



Gotta agree with the frist reviewer

Simple way to make animations? SYMBOLS!

When makeing a full colored charecter, create a symbol for every bodypart that will bend this way you can animate everything the way you want it without haveing to worry about it interfeering with each other. That and the fact that you can make a movie clip inside of a movie clip is ZOMG helfpull.

Note: animating this way takes a while, but does work.

Example: make a charecter, the forearm and upper arm should be difrent movieclips but they should both be in a movie clip called <Side>ARM. Once you have that, make another move clip for the other side and then make another movieclip for the torso and then take both of the arms and the torso and create another movieclip called UPPERBODY. Once you have that, make another movie clip for the lower body and and then take both the upper body movie clip and lower body movie clip and put it into a movie clip called charecter. Go in and animate them bending and put stop(); in the action scrip at the end of each animation. This will allow you to move the charecter around the screen moveing each of the individual body parts via actionscrip when you want to from the main timeline. as long as you have the symbol anchored to pivot point of the body it wont be an issue. This allows you to make a longer animation and have it be a smaller file size allowing you to do even more things than you would have been able to do before. It allows the file size to be smaller by reuseing animation frames in the movie clip. If you are not sure how to action script, contact me and i will help you out the best i can (which despite the fact that i dont have any entries on newgrounds is quite a bit).

Also, Never underestimate the power of the created shape tool. It will make your aniamtion look much sharper and cleaner. Also, Tween vs frame by frame. Yes frame by frame gives you absolute control over your animation but not all the time do you need that control and you can allow the tween to do the work for you.

Hope these tips help you in the future. As this is your first animation, I will not give you a totaly POS grade, but rather just a semi POS grade.

haingi responds:

Well, thank you for the little tutorial there, but I've tried tweening before and I think it just doesn't look as neat and, yes, I prefer having more precise control over the movements. I guess I should, though, try experimenting more with tweens and just seeing how they work in different situations.

Since you've given me the offer, I might just ask you a few questions involving AS3 if the need arises ;)

Good Movie

The animation and sound is a bit lacking, however, the randomness timing is spot on. I couldn't give it a full 10, but i am definitely looking forward to seeing more. Keep it up!

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Great job!

Funny! A great, simple, unique idea for a first Flash. The vocal/subtitle scheme was clever, and the animation is smooth, accurate, and well synced with the sound.

To recommend things to a first timer, always try new things visually even if they'll take forever (because animation, in general, takes forever!), keep implementing little things that set your work apart from others' (like the speech in this one), and try to make things as clear as possible (in your story, animation, pacing, etc. - you did well with this one).

So keep on animating, and thanks for the plug ;D

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i gave you a 5...!

cuz it made me laugh. but the only thing that you need in this vid is voices! whyed you put noises but spell out the words. you could have just said the words. but any way it was funny--better than i can do. keep up the good work!

haingi responds:

The only reason I didn't put voices is that when I started I couldn't record any audio for a while due to technical difficulties, and I decided once I could that it wouldn't be worth the trouble of syncing the audio to the video, which is the opposite of what I normally do and find a lot easier. So instead I decided to just do cartoony-sounding nonsense.


sorry but nooooo

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Aug 7, 2010
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