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W40k Dawn of Awesome 3

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Author Comments

When did this happen and what motivated me to make this

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The comments are so long. I can't compete. SPEHHS MURRINSSS

Another hero dies for the Imperium.

You managed to use "Requiem for a Dream" quite admirably, it being one of the most overused themes in human History. The first chords are certain to induce Warp-spasms in even the most devout of His servants, and yet it blends seamlessly.
The Newgrounds logo is also a nice touch, giving additional value to a most lamentable effort, but you already knew I was going to say that.
Such lassitude is inexcusable. Repent, that you may see the mercy of a quick and almost painless death.

And post the fucking 4th part already!
(what are you afraid of? We got clocks here, for fuckssakes!)

Battosai810 responds:

Spam is the servant of the righteous
*posts Dawn of Awesome 4*

did u know w40k is useually a tabletop,,,,

"When did this happen and what motivated me to make this" maybe some psycho active stuff would explain the lightshow and what that i think it was a necro does to the seargent... but back to review...
1st i like that warhammer thing its a game that wasnt used 1000times already for a parody...
2nd how should i say... it has its own style (what it look like) of cause its a parody and they look often a bit crapy and thats okay but i think some things could be drawn in a different way just a littel bit... its only my opinion the design is okay but it could be a bit cooler...
3th sound is okay voices are fine the soundtracks maybe u could have choosen something less popular but... i guess it wasnt that big project of u to think that far...
4th story is äh yeah its short and has some simple plot but okay...

just u know i dont want to say that its bad just give u feedback and since there is nothing that is perfect its just critism what could be made better...
i have seen u have lot submissions already i only tryed it one or two times but never realy made someting but im still artist and maybe it would be good if u would more often try something out how to animate, design stuff just to get more skills like an heavy metal guitarist should can play an electric and an acoustic guitar...

i bet u already thing "what does this idiot want from me?!"...
i think ur good at this flash thing but it could be awesome if you just always try try try and keep on...

Battosai810 responds:

Man that's a wall of text in need of some spellcheck.

This isn't really intended as a Flash with anything really resembling story, artistic talent, or integrity. I got a goofy voice acting clip from Dawn of War II and made a really goofy animation in like 2-3 hours from it. Watch just about any other cartoon from 2010 to see what I can actually make when I put time into it.

I'm well aware 40k is a tabletop game. I've been playing for about 6 years and I do commission miniatures painting.

"Boreale died there..."

The rulebook of Warhammer 40k says "the universe is a big place, and whatever happens, you will not be missed."

... but now I miss Boreale! :(

Battosai810 responds:

Well if you want more of him, I made a Dawn of Awesome 4 but it's on Youtube. Check it out!

Great start, silly ending

Ah, how great this piece started, with the dramatic buildup, the swapping of the eyepatch (yes, I spotted it!) and the various parts of the re-hash that you've done. Then the Imperial soldier jumping off a cliff?! Damn, that's a waste, even for an Imperial Trooper.

I'd have just loved to see even more "Spehs Mareehns" running toward the enemy and a glorious death, all in the name of the Emprah, that to me seems more in keeping with the series. I love your work and it has certainly grown on me, though this isn't one of your best. Perhaps like you say, it's just you blowing off steam and they just come together so quickly, with little animation quality to speak of, we're not left with a fat lot else to look at.

Still, I'm looking forward to more of your works being of the usual higher quality.

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

That wasn't just any soldier, that was Boreale! He died there!

This was just following up on an actual conversation in Dawn of War 2 where the Marines talk about how disastrous the campaign with Boreale was.

This cartoon is my favorite of the Dawn of Awesome cartoons, since I had more creative input by mixing my own audio.

I have one more cartoon like this I've made to date, but it's only on Youtube since it's too terrible to live here on Newgrounds.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2010
3:42 PM EDT

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