Humaliens Battle

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Choose your side, aliens or humans. Take charge of military operations and enter enemy territory by air, sea and land.


Click units to train or use [1..7] hotkeys.
[Left/Right arrows] or [A]/[D] to scroll the map.
Press [P] to pause the game.


No Strategy

This would be good,if you could command the units. This, coupled with the fact that gold is practically infinite,makes this game is way too easy.

Needs a lot of work before you submit.

I'm getting tired of half-finished games making it to the submit pile.

You need a lot of balance work on this one. None of the medals worked for me and it lost my data when I closed it for a little while. Most games remember data for at least a little while...

Devolves to button masing rather quickly. It seemed to have almost no strategy.

You should be able to combine air/water/land tactics somehow. You have 3 different games mashed together with a common point system. They are totally unrelated though. I could have fully upgraded air and not have a single water unit and be just fine.

Patching is required

Seems that there is no boundary to decide what is in front and what is behind...your alien attacks are able to kill everything in front of their ship and behind...i dont see how this is logical so please change the effect of damage to the area so that the ships that shoot the blue shots are not able to kill literally everything...

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good idea but it seams that there is not much space betwwn you and the cpu base. and there really isint a story line so i dont see the point

Battle Gear copy...

but with broken mechenics, like in the first air level on campaign 1 as humans.
One alien wave killed 2 Apache and Heli waves when my choppers were near the enemy base yet straight up central grounds combat 1 apache and heli wave kill 1 alien wave.

I stopped there. I could mash 1 and 2 for 20 mins or I could play battle gear and get through 5 levels or something.

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4.02 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2010
10:15 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)