WGJ4K: I Hate Videogames?

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Mickey Discovers a shocking discovery about videogames.
Edit: Thanks for FP tom

Dick jokes: are jokes Based around the premises of the male genitalia.

(If someone has there dick hanging out, thats not a fucking dick joke thats indecent exposure.)
Makes about as much sense as calling a turtle a dragon.


Unoriginal, but still good.

Most of this flash had the same kind of indecent exposure as other collabs but with another theme. But I have to say that it had some good points when it made fun about how the original WGJ4K-series overstates that Mickey hates videogames, and when it points at the pretentiousness plot of the original.
Then again, when you'd leave out the dickjokes, you'd have a parody that'd be just as pretentious as the original.
Just try to make it less like all the other parodies and collabs, and more original next time, the indecent exposure is getting unoriginal.

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It was okay

definitely no shortage of dic-... er, I mean "indecent exposure" jokes. But as said before, it was okay. Although, in my opinion, the funniest thing would have to be when Tom Fulp talked about the guy who saw him on the plane.

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Not good

I'm not sure why the NG community enjoys random dick jokes but I don't. Watching this film felt like a joke being said over and over again, it got annoying. The beginning had promise but fell when the plot went in no direction.

Well?, That was so freakin' weird!

It might be weird is because how weird it is!, I know what it means!

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I find this flash highly amusing. Unfortunately, I just searched through over 40 pages of reviews curiously seeking what Max himself had to say about it, unfortunately, it appears that he did not review this. I would assume that he'd be a good sport about it though. It's funny as hell. On another note, I found like at least 15 legitimately awful reviews by kids giving you a 0 because they're 'defending max' or something. Do these kids have no sense of humor? What's wrong with poking a bit of fun at the series? Hell, I love the series and I thought this was funny as shit.

The animation and drawings were good, perfect for the effect. Not to mention the voice acting was just about perfect.

Don't know what else to say...I thought it was pretty funny...don't see why all these little kids are butthurt about it. I'm sure Max himself got a good laugh out of it...

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3.12 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2010
5:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody