WGJ4K: I Hate Videogames?

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Mickey Discovers a shocking discovery about videogames.
Edit: Thanks for FP tom

Dick jokes: are jokes Based around the premises of the male genitalia.

(If someone has there dick hanging out, thats not a fucking dick joke thats indecent exposure.)
Makes about as much sense as calling a turtle a dragon.


This is enjoyable if you don't stare directly at the dick "jokes".

I didnt enjoy this in the slightest... Honestly your trying to make fun of another artists work, that is infinitely better than your own. There was no thought out humor in this entire mess of a video. I mean it was mostly mixed up blurb dialogue and penis's emerging from things. I think its kind of ironic that its trying to make diggity's work looks bad, and all it did is remind me how much quality his work has. Anyway, i didn't mean to come across as hateful. Im just speaking my mind here.

this really wasnt funny it wasnt even insulting to the series it was just a waste of time on both parts it was a waste for you to make it and a waste for me to watch it

yay its mickey the dick n the nerd virgin n the stupid gamin whore yayayayayayayayayay

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Quite frankly, this was terrible. I'm being honest here. I didn't even laugh until it got to Tom mentioning the guy on the bus that he saw on the plane. Everything else was... piss-poor.

I don't see how people find random and strongly off-putting profanities/scenes funny.
It seemed like the work of someone who's disturbed.

I don't even know this "Mike" person, but I've seen one episode of this series before...
And it was funny. I ENJOYED it.
This... This was painful to watch.
The audio went from too quiet to so loud there was a distortion.
I have sensitive hearing, so I DO NOT appreciate bad audio.
Also, while the animation was O.K., it wasn't enough to save you this time. Work on your comedy, it's in dire need of maintenance. Repair, really.

I was becoming a fan 'til I saw this, just dealing with some of the slip ups in audio, bad comedy, and disgusting scenes. Now I really don't care for your work after this. These are the things you need to work on. Hope this review was helpful.

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Aug 7, 2010
5:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody