WGJ4K: I Hate Videogames?

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Mickey Discovers a shocking discovery about videogames.
Edit: Thanks for FP tom

Dick jokes: are jokes Based around the premises of the male genitalia.

(If someone has there dick hanging out, thats not a fucking dick joke thats indecent exposure.)
Makes about as much sense as calling a turtle a dragon.


hyper ADHD turrets

Like Retrato said: random noises and disturbing images. This is what made up most of this "parody". It's not funny (maybe lowlowlowlowbrow humor?). It's not clever. So, what is it supposed to be?

Usually I give weird parodies like this a 1 or less just because they're poorly made and aren't really *parodies*--they're more like the hyperactive bitching of an ADHD child with turrets in flash animation form.

Yours wasn't particularly an acceptation, but you got a 3 because, for one, you seemed to put some effort into it. Also, atop all the illogical, senseless vulgarity, you did throw in some stuff that could be considered "periodical."

Otherwise, it blows. I'm not a huge Mickey the Dick fan, but that's beyond the point. You put enough effort into this pointless skit to make it "better" than parodies of its kind...but it still isn't any good, which kind of makes it sad you guys put effort into it at all.

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Spazkid responds:

random..noises? explain

Pretty funny

For some reasons i actually do admire your collaborative work. To be very honest let me tell you why i actually hate most fans severely. For some fucking reason alot of people cannot take a joke nor then can take a parody and for those who do really take your work very seriously?

Congratulations for the people who making a needless reaction since it really does give the original work of the owner a very bad name, example what if the original owner actually like the animation? If so they would actually tell the fanboys "I find this video pretty funny, so fuck you the parody stays ".

Hell, infact many original owners expect people to make a spoofs, and of if the fanboys do react to something like that, more like that because people these days are somewhat butthurt over useless over newgrounds, it's makes the original creator look bad. For those who actually give this animation a zero? For fucksakes are they that serious, jumping in a pointless badwagon?

My comment is going to be voted negatively anyways, but I hardly do give a shit about it, don't really care since it falls under the fair use of commentary, criticism , Freedom Of Fucking. Either way, those types of people make sane fans look bad, if they were true fans they would learn how to appreciate and no a fan is a title none of them do deserve.

Weird Al Yankovic couldn't call out a single artist who he parodies but he does it anyways because he is a gentle men and a professional unlike them.

Anyhow my apologies for boring you with this review i wrote in the review, but I really hope see more parodies in the near future...

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Spazkid responds:

pressed the green plus sign

Great job

Even though I like WGJ4K I think this is an awesome parody. I don't see why some people are so butthurt over this.

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Gay does not automatically equal funny.

Is a flash like this really necessary? Is it so hard to make up your own story and/or setting? Oh wow, its time for random noises and pictures! I can't believe that you enjoy making something like this. Who forced you?

Spazkid responds:

Ok boss

Nice Work

CharismaticBarber is a moron... The humour is there, I like it. I actually laughed unlike the actual wgj4k.

Spazkid responds:

His review got removed a third time =( whos doing this?

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Aug 7, 2010
5:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody