Mimetic part 2

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This is part 2 of mimetic, I strongly recommend that you watch the first part as this one is not an independent story but a continuation of the first one.

This is a futuristic animation inspired in the anime style of ghost in the shell originally created on the amiga 1200 completely mouse made with deluxe paint iv. The whole history of how this was created is available in the animation´s main menu on the mimetic history button, it´s a long story just in case you want to read it. This anim was sleeping in my drive for more than 15 years since I finish it on the amiga, but i finally took it and converted it to a flash anim so anybody can finally watch it. I hope you all like it.

Plese keep in mind that this was made a long time ago and it´s not very good, i just upload it so i could finally share it with everybody.


Too long.

Okay, halfway through (-or better, after a really long time of watching) it got boring, so I stopped watching...
Decent fighting animation: 10
Ainme stuff: -3 (seriously, we have seen enough of that.)
Crappy drawing: -2 (shorten your film, improve the quality. It's that easy.)
Too fucking long: -3
Crappy walking- animation: -2

Two women beating the shit out of each other: +3 (That's just always cracking me up.)

Overall 3.

hunter1410 responds:

thanks dude, your last comment really made my day :D
all your comments are really great and i can promise you i´ll keep them in mind. I only disagree with seeing more than enough of anime. Really why everybody always think that of anime?? it´s just another style, period. It´s like saying i´ve seen enough of the american-style, or dexter´s lab-style, or the disney-style, i don´t think is fair that nobody complains of those styles but with anime i always hear the word enough, and to be honest is not fair to have enough of one style but not enough of others.

thank you for your comments.

Amazing work

I think this animation is still good enough. The music and the story is also very good. And by the way, the story of this animation is also very interesting. I'm not sure anyone could save something for that long. :)

I hope you will make a re-make version. I think it will be awesome to see this in a much better quality. I'll be very interested what can you do with it. :)

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hunter1410 responds:

thank you. yes it was hard to save it for so long. but to be honest it was such a big work that I always tried to keep it safe first. :D
I do considered making a remake but to be honest dude i don´t think i´ll do it. It was a great experience and i really learned a lot from it. But at the end of the day it was heavily influenced by ghost in the shell, to the point that I picked up a lot of ideas from it instead of just getting inspiration. I didn´t really care in those days but i think it´s time to move on, closing that chapter and making things new and really original, or at least with less influence. That´s my goal and i´ll try my best to do more quality work.


love the end credits music!

what is the song at the end? for a 15 year old movie that was badass dude! its better than a lot of animation you see even now i liked it a lot

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hunter1410 responds:

I don´t really know the name of the song but you can hear it at the end of urotsukidoji II Return of the Overfiend in the last chapter at the end of the credits,
it´s a great song from a very interesting and controversial anime ( lots of hardcore sex but the story is great even though not everybody can see that) i always had that song in my mind for the final credits and i´m glad i could add it. thanks for your comments!!!

I enjoyed it.

Only thing i will critic is the sound effects, for the most part they were great, just had a couple repeated sounds that were obvious. Other than that, impressive and better than alot of work on NG. You should work on some new projects and start doing collabs with others. You have plenty of skill. I love the way you made every fight scene fluid. Not many people can achieve that.

hunter1410 responds:

thanks for your comments, yeas i had a hard time with the sound effects, specially trying to find new ones, i didn´t think it was going to be so hard but i was able to get as many different as possible. But i guess i couldn´t find as many different as i wanted :D

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Aug 7, 2010
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