Rigoberto, The Yak

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Almost there 5 Points

Finish chapter four

Icicle lover 5 Points

Finish chapter two

No yak sushi for you 5 Points

Finish chapter one

Sand castles and 10 ft worms 5 Points

Finish chapter three

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Author Comments

Ok this project took us two weeks. The original story and idea is made by Facundo Balboa (MonoFlauta in Newgrounds) he also is the programmer, the artist Is Huw Millward (Neverzonegaming in Newgroudns) and voices by Fro (Newgrounds account).
This story is about a yak called Rigoberto that travels to find something... it's a difficult game, but not an impossible one.
You only need arrow keys, the bosses will defeat their selves so you don't need to attack, good luck to everyone :D

Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=aKogz3_2quE


good but...

the game is not so bad and the art is good, only missing the "checkpoint" because even if you arrive at level 2 when you die you start again from scratch and this is a little boring at times because the game is quite difficult, however is well planned.
Only were the "extras" that I do not like

Take Two More Weeks

I suggest that if you are unable to make the game playable, get some assistance and fix it, before submitting.

Right now, the Yak character's response to a player's input is off. The characters do not synchronize with each other, the background or obstacles. These factors make it frustrating, if not nearly impossible to play the game.

The artwork, voice acting, music & extras garner no points or stars from me, because they each serve no purpose, until a player is able to effectively interact with, and play the game.

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Too simple and just not at all fun

The premise is ok but the game is quite ho-hum. It's like you thought up a concept and put very little focus on the game itself. I would have gone and just made a film because this just can't stand up against all the other flash platformers that run rings around this. It's too bland, simple and not at all fun and the fact it was made by more than one person makes this travesty of a game even worse.

Oh, and it isn't cool voting 10 on your own submission just so it wont get blamed as quickly.

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Good lord!

This game is so bad, I just couldn't stand playing it any longer. Seriously, you guys could've taken more time to put effort into this game, but no. You guys just make a game, then submit it without tweaking it to make it more fun and enjoyable.

The artwork for this game is terrible along with the level designs. Everything looks so bland and crappy, especailly the character and enemies themselves. The artist himself may not be good, but if he had just took the time to put effort into it, the artwork would've been decent or much better. Also, add more animations to the yak and the enemies for christ sake!

As for the programming...in the later future plase check for collision detections on platforms and when getting hit by enemies because I don't wanna re-live a Sonic 06 experience in my life ever again. You could've at least had the decency to add a health bar and how hell does a yak get hurt by a bird? Come on guys, use common sense! I don't care how random this game is suppose to be.

Now for the voice acting. . .WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! I could do better than that and I don't even do voice acting myself.

The extras was the most dissapointing thing i've ever seen in my life and I dunno what the hell made you guys put it in the game in the first place. Overall, this game IS NOT enjoyable, the artwork/level designs is terrible along with the voice acting and the programming. The music itself wasn't spectaular or anything but you guys could've made better choices.

MonoFlauta responds:

"I don't care how random this game is suppose to be."
It was the idea to be random, if you dont care about the game itself that is the idea, i dont care about the review

"Now for the voice acting. . .WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! I could do better than that and I don't even do voice acting myself. "
Good tell me when you make something good

"Overall," you review without knowing anything


i know im reviewing y own game but i just wanted to say thank you for playing this game its free to play but when you play the adds earn us money so you are helping the developers produce better titles in the future so please play as often as you can and tell your friends also this game isnt a complete in one attempt game infact in the test it took me 32 lives to beat the snow levels now it takes 1 for me practice make perfect

now with no further ado, VIVA LA NEWGROUNDS

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Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2010
11:59 PM EDT
Adventure - Other