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Author Comments

This is my 2nd flash animation. It was a great learning process... (I actually didn't know it is possible to paint colors with Alpha % until half way of making this animation.) The animation is a bit short, but full of actions (Says myself). Hope you guys like it~ :)

The protagonist is actually a character I have in mind for a while. I don't have a name for him yet. This animation is sort of an introduction of him. He is set to have a "whatever" type of personality with the ability to throw pistols and remotely aim and fire them by snapping his fingers (like clapper switches). His appearance is actually inspired by the design of Qitian Dasheng from the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. (Goku in Dragon Ball is also based on the same character)

I enjoyed working on the animation part, it was the sound effect part giving me headache... It's not as easy as it "sounds"... I guess I still got a lot to learn on audio editing...

By the way, the movie sometimes gets a bit laggy... I guess its caused by all them filters and tweening... If anyone has any good way to optimize the performance, please share them with me~ Thanks!


EDIT 8/8/2010: Woohoo! Daily 2nd Place Award! Not bad for a 2nd animation, eh? I think a good piece of music can make the animation, thanks to SHADOWFOX2 for this great track. Thank you all for voting!


EDIT 8/10/2010: Front page~! :D I know lots of people are saying the character looks like Spike from Cowboy Bebop (or Lupin the 3rd.. Interestingly, nobody mentioned Mugen), I do agree the characters share some similarities such as their attitude and both of them are smokers, but if you look closely, their difference are more than just colors of their clothes.

Spike wears his suit with loose tie and rolled up the sleeves, and the snap shooter wears the suit right and has mustache with scars. Spikes hair is green and covered his forehead, the snap shooter is dark red with the hair pulled back.

This is kind of like Batman and Night Owl from Watchmen... People would always say the Night Owl looks like Batman, but Alan Moore would say: Excuse you, he was based on Blue Beetle!

Well, I guess the character is now facing identity crisis...... Am I being forced to make him wear boxers and shorts in the next animation?

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I had to come watch this one after watching vol.2. Still Good but I can tell how much better your work is getting.

Great Job! :)

I think it is ok that people think he looks like Spike, he remind me of Jubei mainly cause he uses a dental floss type thing tied to his weapon.
Overall this was really good! for an introductory animation. It only suffers from the fact enemies wait their turn to attack. :) but well done.


At the start he is sleeping... and the drawings are drawing itself? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!

I would like to see more

Even before reading your comments and the reviews Spike from Cowboy Bebop popped into my mind. So there's definitely an instant recognition between the 2. How they wear their suits doesn't make the differenct, because these characters are all about attitude.

And although Mugen and Spike are also very similar I think Mugen wasn't mentioned because he's wielding a katana, and has a much more volatile personality than Spike. That puts some space between those two.

I think your character isn't lost though. You just need to show more of him. Give him more history. Show us where he comes from. Put him in an entirely different context. I would like to see how he develops, because the start looks promising.


This was well done. Have to say the main character reminds me of Spike Spiegel. Keep it up. I'm looking fwd to more animations by you.