Color Theory

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Manipulate the power of colors and achieve color awesomeness in this fun retro puzzler based on additive color theory!


Collect a primary color to make blocks of that color disappear. Collect a secondary color to make the blocks of the primary colors that make up that secondary color disappear.

http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Additive_color_theory
for help with primary and secondary colors in Additive Color Theory

Main Controls:

Arrow Keys to move and jump [Alternate: WASD and Space Bar]

R to restart the level

M to mute

Escape to pause and/or return to the main menu

To all those interested in licensing for this game, I'm sorry but it's already under an exclusive license with bgames.com.

Thanks for all the feedback and the Daily Second Place guys!

Thanks Newgrounds for Front Page!



This game was great! It kept me entertained the entire time my pizza was cooking.

A little basic

The game itself is enjoyable, but some of the puzzles weren't very creative and I had the feeling I did the same sort of puzzles in other games. Also, the color aspect is interesting, but it was still far too simple not even look at the colors and just try some of the buttons. I did that the whole game long, and I could still beat it. You have an interesting concept here, why not pushing this to the limit where the player would have to think harder with colors, instead of just making it into a fairly straight forward platformer?

Also, I looked at the reviews after I beat the game, and everyone was ssaying the last level was near impossible. I honestly thought there was some bonus level I missed, since the last level isn't so hard (not bragging, I honestly think it is).

Bottomline: Very interesting concept, but make some harder puzzles with the color concept involved. If you can execute this perfectly, you sir, have a very original and enjoyable game in your hands. And if you plan to keep it a platformer, throw some harder levels in it so that everybody is happy.

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duuuude this was awsome up to lvl 30 which took me over 2 hours to beat >.< omg


Enough said.


It was challenging, yet not so much so that it made you want to scream :) So you didn't actually need to go to the walkthrough ^.^ I loved it and I just wish there were more levels! :D 5/5

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2010
8:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle