Color Theory

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Manipulate the power of colors and achieve color awesomeness in this fun retro puzzler based on additive color theory!


Collect a primary color to make blocks of that color disappear. Collect a secondary color to make the blocks of the primary colors that make up that secondary color disappear.

http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Additive_color_theory
for help with primary and secondary colors in Additive Color Theory

Main Controls:

Arrow Keys to move and jump [Alternate: WASD and Space Bar]

R to restart the level

M to mute

Escape to pause and/or return to the main menu

To all those interested in licensing for this game, I'm sorry but it's already under an exclusive license with bgames.com.

Thanks for all the feedback and the Daily Second Place guys!

Thanks Newgrounds for Front Page!


pretty good

not the best game but sort of addictive
and the text box at the end gave me a mild laugh


fun game,
althought i probably whouldnt play it again...
second one perhalps?


well i love the game and this is my second time playing it. but there idea of colors is wrong; in art the primary colors are red green and blue; and in light refraction there cyan, magenta, yellow. how can they put red blue and green when green made is out of yellow and blue or yellow and cyan.

Has Lots Of Potential, But Needs Work

I know what you're thinking: "OMG! He gave it a 5! That's a HORRIBLE score!!". Well, rubbish. Since 5 is in the middle, that means a score of 5 means an average game. Therefore, this game is average. Now onto the review.

Gameplay: 6/10
The concept of switching colors to move around is actually pretty cool, I never would've thought of that, so you get points for that. However, the gameplay is kinda lacking. It's not really a puzzle game, since it practically spells it out for you with all the arrows, etc. It's more of a game of timing, learning just when to push the arrows keys so you land on the right spot through constant repetition. Most of the levels were really short, and were kinda simple. You should have more complicated devices, like perhaps a white cross that makes everything disappear, and you fall to your doom. If you make a sequel. you should include these features.

Graphics: 5/10
They're okay, I guess, but you could really expand on what you have. Maybe some shading could add depth to the colors and player, and maybe there could be floating colors waaay in the background. Heck, maybe you could switch the gravity so you go into the background to more platforms! The possibilities are endless.

Audio: 7/10
The song was pretty neat, I liked it a lot. But it got old after a while. You should have different songs for different groups of levels...Hey, and maybe these groups could be themed, and the gameplay could be somewhat different for each theme! And they could be in different locations, like underwater, or in the sky! Again, the possibilities are ENDLESS! (Yes, I do add gameplay suggestions throughout my reviews. :P)

Controls: 6/10
You really should have separate control schemes, like the WASD configuration. There are people like me that severely hate using the arrow keys. Other than that, the controls are okay. No bugs or anything.

Replay Value: 1/10
I seriously have no interest in playing this again. You should have unlockable features, like a speed mode, or maybe a multiplayer mode for racing against a buddy. The only reason I gave you a 1 instead of a 0 was because of the little message that appeared on the screen after beating the game, ad how it changes on occasion. Again, there's lots of work to do.

Final Score: 5/10
To summarize, you have a great concept, and lots of potential, but this game needs a lot of work before it's really worthy of a good score. I don't understand how this managed to get to the front page.....honestly, there's millions of n00bs on Newgrounds these days.

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Hella NICe

This game is great for people that love Puzzle games plus the music is alright
Kinda Frustrating though on level 30

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2010
8:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle