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Dan Hibikis Majik Sammich

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Don't piss off old people.

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I saved this animutation to my hard drive.

Hello. I watched this animutation when I was an undergrad. I still send it to my friends. I looked it up again because this song was included in my little sister's dance dance revolution game and I sang your reworked lyrics while she played, and she laughed her head off. I just wanted to say that this particular animutation, along with the "highschool icecapades" one, has become a permanent part of my life.


I enjoyed this. It was kind of short, but I thought that some parts were really funny.

Kinda boring

Not enough was going on in this animutation, and most of the pics didn't seem to flow properly. There were some parts that were fun to watch, and this wasn't bad for a first flash, but I was expecting more randomness and something longer.


omg i thought id never see the bastard dan again! LOL at least he lives on in flash YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO! SHINKU GADOKEN!


love the choice of music! (ddr pwns joo) that was funny! i fifen u!!!