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Sonic flash (cancelled)

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Author Comments

I'm quite happy about the animation, i just don't have any juice left to finish this. Sonic animations aren't really my thing.
But i thought some of you peeps might enjoy it so i decicded to upload it anyway.


Good Stuff!

Well Done!
I can see the potential glowing from you!
You sure know what you're doing :)
Definetely something to be proud of ;)

The fight was exciting and epic, and the way you shook the screen was great!
I say, you might make a name for yourself if you keep this up!


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Guidodinho responds:

Thanks man.
And i will keep this up, even if it means having to use those forbidden blue pills!....wait....maybe i shouldn't have said that....

this is good 5/5 8/10

This is good... Even though I don't like Sprite movies anymore, I kinda like this sprite movie(at least it wasn't a ''mario vs Sonic'' Crap movie, seriously, those movies just pisses me off), it was good made :) good job 5/5 ...shame though you cancelled it ...it looked like you where passioned about this movie...

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Guidodinho responds:

Thanks, and i know what you mean, i'm really starting to get tired of the mario vs sonic stuff too, it was actually the inspiration for this one :p
I wanted something else then the constant SMBZ stuff you see all the time, so i got the idea of making one where sonic gets beat up for a change, but then....dunno, i kinda lost my spark i guess :(



PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ finish this - it's definitely the very best Flash Sonic animation I've ever seen!! While coreography isn't the most inspired, it's staged so damn well that it just rocks, plain and SIMPLE. Animation is really, really nice and fluid too - it almost gave me a boner (LOL JK)!

Dude you HAVE to finish this - it kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!! It got 8/10 (and 4/5) only because it's unfinished, otherwise it would get THE PENULTIMATE mark - 5/5!!! I less than three (<3) you!! I beg you to finish this PLZ PLZ PLZ

Guidodinho responds:



I wish i could give it higher then this, and i probably could have had you not cancelled it. It's one of the best sprite movies i've seen in a while. I sort of wished they would not have declined has sharply as they did but i suppose that's beside the point. keep working at it homie, you did good here and i can't wait too see your next movie.

Its ok...

Its really good in to me but i kinda think it started alittle...random,to be honest well because we have some robot standing there targeting sonic for some reason or no reason and sonic doesn't talk or ask a question i think you need to do alittle more work on it no offense but other than that its really good its pretty sad you aren't going to continue it i probably would have watched all day and night but really good! 3 stars. if this strikes to you as offensive well all i can do is say sorry.

Guidodinho responds:

Well, the reviews here are meant to say what you think, and you've only told me what you thought of this flash. So I would be a royal douchebag to be offended by this review XD

But yeah, it IS kinda random. But that's because I made this because I felt like animating two robots beating up Sonic....so I didn't really bother to think of a plot that makes any sense. But it would probably be more entertaining if it made some sense :p
But about your other point, what would you do if two guys would suddenly beat the living shizzle out of you? Would you ask questions?.......or would you defend yourself? :p

But I haven't really made an animation that made any sense, so far i've only animated for the mindless violence XD

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Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2010
6:00 AM EDT