Short and Cut

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Short and Cut is a small graph puzzle game. It's fun, so I thought I'd share it with you. Connect the two glowing dots before the opponent cuts you short.

Good luck and enjoy!

== Instructions ==
Your goal is to connect the top-left glowing dot to the bottom-right glowing dot. Your opponent's goal is to prevent you.

Each turn you will be allowed to select one line to light up. After this your opponent can cut one line out of the graph. However, the opponent can not cut a line that is already lit up. Connect the two glowing dots before the opponent separates them. Hurry!

Change the difficulty slider at the right for a harder game, or easier, if you're that type of person.


Game is okay.

It´s not the funniest game i ever played.
A little tip: don´t start from one side, you can connect the dots from each side and let the glowing dots connect in the mid.

bad. very bad

there is 1 sereously bad problem. the opponent can cut the only 2 lines that come directly from the other glowing dot. that means instant fail. he does this on the easiest setting aswell. and if your gonna make this kinda game make the lones coming directly out of the glowing dot glowing allready so he cant cut them. or at least make it online multiplayer

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2.32 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2010
6:36 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other