The Fog Fall 3

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The Fog Fall 3 is the next edition in our post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller. As you try to make your escape in your new truck, a mysterious force field throws a wrench into your plans for freedom.

The Fog Fall 3 challenges you to continue your epic journey - there are rumors of a safe haven called Cupertown, if only you can find it....


I'm frustrated

This is an awesome game with a very eerie, perfectly fitting atmosphere, and an unsettling story. I liked the fact that at one point you help Anne with her life but then you are forced to ruin it in the end anyway. But I am frustrated. I looked in the walk-through and I am very close to beating the game, but I somehow walked my way from the Observer's Den back to Town, and now I can't get back and I have no car, and am hopelessly stuck. Laaaaame. I'm also not the only person experiencing this problem. I've read another review from a person with the same problem. This game deserved more than a seven. If you can make a fix for this unfortunate error in mapping and travel, it'd easily be a nine. And please people, if you haven't experienced this problem, don't go rating everyone's reviews indicating the same glitch as useless. Just be happy that you got through the game without problems.

- - - One Annoying Glitch - - -

Overall, very enjoyable and challenging. But there's a glitch that can strand you far from your truck. Causing you to have to refresh the game. Seems silly that you can travel a bit too far from your truck, but not travel back to it.


This game is really great, just like your previous works. The atmosphere gives off a really convincing creepyness to the entire game. However, i am stuck even with the guide. I had just finished the replacing the turbine and it calls for me to use the kerosene on the house but i have tried no option to do so despite already having all the required materials!


When you unlock the 2nd map, theres this glitch where you go back to the 1st town, and you cant find your car, and you're stuck there. You need to fix that.

very frustrating

I got myself hopelessly lost in town and spent a good half hour basically going around in circles. A compass or map would be helpful.

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4.43 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2010
6:34 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 3rd Place August 6, 2010