The Fog Fall 3

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The Fog Fall 3 is the next edition in our post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller. As you try to make your escape in your new truck, a mysterious force field throws a wrench into your plans for freedom.

The Fog Fall 3 challenges you to continue your epic journey - there are rumors of a safe haven called Cupertown, if only you can find it....


sweet, a bit rushed

sweet. very nice, if a bit rushed. i beat this in an hour, mainly because i could not seem to find the dang turbine blades. but found em, torched the house all proper like, heheh- and then proceeded to play whack the hermit. HAHA! end wasa bit abrupt, though... can;t wait for the next one!

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Awesome Game! I loved it i didnt want it to end!


Love the artwork. And the flagrant Fo3 rip-off. I'd love to have finished it, but I couldn't burn the house or photograph. I had the kerosene, lighter and the camera, I'd done the turbine, and found the picture. Just didn't work. Was that a glitch, or just me being stupid?

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Great series

I love the Fog Fall games, and all of the pastelgames in general, as I think the art style is fantastic and works brilliantly. My score is really for the series as a whole, as I like the way more and more details are slowly revealed about the world and your character and what type of person they are. I liked the way you can revisit the areas from each previous game as well, it's a clever touch. Am I correct in thinking that the series was somewhat 'inspired' by the Fallout games?

I do agree with others here that there needs to be a simpler way to navigate locations though, as trying to determine how to find the arrow to move you between places and guessing where it will take can be a little frustrating. I imagine that's partly intentional, to get an aspect of mystery and confusion, but at least making on the screen where the different arrows to move you around are might help and still retain the same feel. Still, only a minor point, and looking forward to the next installment!

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Grr.. felt like smacking my face into a wall..

Ok, Great game, loved the creepy ambiance in the background, loved the plot.. but it was really brain racking. I didn't finish it.. i think i missed out on some tools because i burnt the chicks house down before i did her mission.. ALSO everyone is complaining about a missing car glitch YOU CAN GET BACK TO THE NEST FROM TOWN, Just go to the house with the dead robot soldier guy in it but DONT GO IN.. click on the POWER LINES then CLICK THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN and you WILL be back at the nest. No glitch, just a bunch of silly people. I have to agree with a previous review here about a minimap? and maybe making the arrows for traveling more clear.. the game is difficult enough but i guess thats the way you wanted it. If i had more patience i bet i would have rated this 10/10.

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4.43 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2010
6:34 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 3rd Place August 6, 2010