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Tower of Heaven

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Credits & Info

Aug 4, 2010 | 6:08 PM EDT

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TENACIOUS EID 5 Points Clear a level after dying five times in it.
GOD COMPLEX 25 Points Collect all hidden secrets
ATOP THE WORLD 50 Points Climb to the top of the tower
ETERNAL SANCTITY 100 Points Complete the game with no deaths
INDIGNANT DIVINITY 100 Points Achieve a Speedrun Mode time under three minutes

Author Comments

(Warning: This game may be quite difficult. Play at your own risk!)

Climbing up the stairway in search of revelation, a lone traveler defies a spiteful god residing at the top of the world. Unamused, the indignant deity lays down increasingly difficult laws designed to kill his unwelcome visitor as he ascends toward the moonlit skies. Can you make it to the very top and discover the secrets of this divine structure? May heaven grant you fortune.

--- Controls ---

Left/Right/A/D - Walk
SPACE/Up/W - Jump
Down/S - Enter doors
SHIFT - Check Rules
ESC/ENTER - Pause/Menu

(Note: If controls are unresponsive, check to see if you are running too many applications at once or have too many browser tabs open. Certain browser plugins may also make Flash games unresponsive to keyboard input.)

--- Level Creator ---

Complete the game to unlock the level creator, Pillars of Creation. You can play custom levels without having beaten the game.

--- History ---

Tower of Heaven was first released as a Game Maker title by Askiisoft (Aski and Godsavant) on August 13th, 2009. With the help of Miroslav Malesevic and Stefan Jeremic, it has now arrived in your web browsers along with these additions by Flashygoodness:

*A new secret area
*Extended ending for finding all secrets
*Additional music, sounds, and graphics
*Various gameplay/graphical fixes
*Level creator

--- Soundtrack ---

The Tower of Heaven OST is available at Bandcamp, linked on Flashygoodness's NG profile page. Please support the artist if you enjoyed the music!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Completely Awesomtastic!

One of the best flash games I've played. Graphics, music, difficulty... everything is top noch :)

->>> See my profile for my Über-hard level(s) :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its good but...

I expected it to be longer when you say Tower of Heaven I thought that it would be longer than 11 stages, sure they took out a sizeable part of soul trying to solve them


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Incredible Platformer

It would be perfect if credits could be skipped after winning

Please compress massive level codes so they fit in comments better

This'll make u rage (it can be won):

2b3101010109001400000000000000001b000 31b01031d01102901101b0203080303090303 0a03030b03030c03031103031203031303031 903031a03031b03031f030721031025031027 03070604030704030804080904080a04080b0 4080c040310040311040812040f1304081404 031804031904081a040f1b04081c04031f040 32704030505030605080705080c05080d0503 0f05031005081405081505031705031805081 c05081d05031f050320050721050722050724 05072505072605072705030406030506080d0 6080e06030f06081206101506081606031706 081a06101d06081f060320060321060322060 3240603250603260603270603030703040708 0e07081607081f07032007082107082507082 607082707030308031208091a08091f080327 0803290810030903060910110909120903130 9091909091a09031b09091e090a1f09032009 0721090723091e250907260907270903030a0 30a0a070b0a07100a09110a03120a03130a03 140a09180a09190a031a0a031b0a031d0a0f1 f0a03200a03210a03220a03230a03240a0325 0a03260a03270a03030b030a0b030b0b030c0 b030d0b030e0b030f0b03100b03110b03120b 03130b03140b03150b03160b03170b03180b0 3190b031a0b031b0b031f0b03200b03210b08 220b08230b08240b08250b03260b03270b032 80b07290b072a0b07030c03060c0f0a0c080b 0c080c0c030d0c030e0c030f0c08100c08110 c08120c03130c03140c03150c08160c08170c 08180c03190c031a0c031b0c081f0c08200c0 8250c08260c08270c03280c03290c032a0c03 020d030c0d080d0d080e0d08120d08130d081 40d08180d08190d081a0d08270d03010e0304 0e0a270e03010f030a0f101d0f10270f03011 00312101024100f2710030111030311071e11 0f26111d2711030112030312030712090e120 9171207181207251203261203271203291210 01130302130a0313030613090713030813090 d13090e13030f130916130717130318130319 13071b130f21130f011403031403051409061 4030814030914090c14090d14030f14031014 091514071614031914031a14071f141120141 1211411221411231411241411251411261411 2714110115030315030515030915030c15031 015031415071515031a15031b15071f150320 1503211503221503231503241503251503261 5032715030116030316030516030916030c16 031016031416031b160301170303170305170 30917030c1703101703011803031803051803 0918030a180a0c180310180311180a1c180a0 119030319030519030719100919030a19070b 19070c19030e1910101903111911121911131 9111419111519111619111719111819111919 111a19111b19111c19111d19111e191121191 0011a03021a0a031a03051a03091a030a1a03 0b1a030c1a03101a03111a03121a03131a031 41a03151a03161a03171a03181a03191a031a 1a031b1a031c1a031d1a031e1a03011b03031 b03051b03011c03031c03051c03011d03031d 03051d03231d0a001e03011e03031e03051e0 31b1e10261e10281e03291e0a2a1e0a001f08 011f03031f03051f03061f03071f03081f030 91f030a1f030b1f030c1f030d1f030e1f030f 1f03281f03012003032003052008062008072 0080820080920080a20080b20080c20030d20 080e20080f20082820030121030321030c210 328210301220802220a03220807220f0c2203 2822030c23031523102123102823030624100 c240328240308250f0c250313250a1e250a28 250302260a0c26030f2611102611112611122 6111326111426111526111626111726111826 111926111a26111b26111c26111d26111e261 11f2611202611212611222611232611242611 2526112626112726112826030c27030f27031 0270311270312270313270314270315270316 27031727031827031927031a27031b27031c2 7031d27031e27031f27032027032127032227 0323270324270325270326270327270328270 329270a2a270a0c28030e2811122811142811 1528111628111728111828111a28111b28111 c28111d28111f281120281121281122281124 280e02291005290f0829100c29030e29030f2 9111229031429031529031629031729031829 031a29031b29031c29031d29031f290320290 32129032229030c2a030e2a030f2a03102a11 122a03142a03182a031a2a031b2a111c2a111 d2a031f2a03202a11212a110c2b030e2b0310 2b03112b11122b03142b03162b10182b031a2 b031b2b031c2b031d2b031f2b03202b03212b 03012c07022c07032c07042c07052c07062c0 7072c07082c07092c070a2c070b2c070c2c03 0e2c03112c03122c03142c03182c031a2c031 f2c03202c11212c11222c11262c10292c0a01 2d03022d03032d03042d03052d03062d03072 d03082d03092d030a2d030b2d030c2d030e2d 03122d03142d03152d03162d03172d03182d0 31a2d031f2d03202d03212d03222d03003003 0130030230030330030430030530030630030 730030830030930030a30030b30030c30030d 30030e30030f3003103003113003123003133 0031430031530031630031730031830031930 031a30031b30031c30031d30031e30031f300 3203003213003223003233007243007253007 2630072730072830072930072a3007|The Bee Hive|Target359|Don't get stung|


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


awesome game you got there exet one thing... level 452 is impossible cant defeat the monkey boss anyway great game

HAHAHAHA have fun


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Unbelievable! A game that´s so difficult...

...but also never got boring. Ican´t remember when I finished a game that easy they often are today. Even Flashgames!
Anyways, I especially liked the music. It was a reason why I continued after dying around a million times.

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