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Chat bot maker

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Reminds me of Windows Doors.

Thakyou for making this. This is the closest thing I have to Windows Doors, before Windows Doors stopped working for me. I also love in this how you can type in your own responses for the bot, so you ccan make it say what you want. And thats something you COULDN'T do in Windows Doors. Thanks,SLE

Worst conversation ever.

This was a great game, had everything.

Me: Hello.
Carl234: Hello! How may I hurt you?
Me:Shut up!
Carl234: O.K., Sean, you win.
Me: What's my name?
Carl234: Sean.
Me:My name isn't Sean.
Carl234: Alright, Joe.
Me: What is 4 + 4?
Me: Are you smart?
Carl234: Depends. Are YOU smart?
Me: Yes.
Carl234: That's interesting, my friend told me you aren't smart.
Me: I'm logging off.
Carl234: O.K., hope I never have to see you again.


Me: hi
HumanCentipede: I cant talk right now!
Me: why
HumanCentipede: Becoase Im in the middle of the centipede!
*HumanCentipede left*

No matter what I said...

My bot only told me to bugger off. Yes, I'm immature and unimaginative, but it made me chuckle... As basetoFeno said, I would have liked to see some sort of sharing feature though, it wasn't too fun saying things only to know exactly what it would say back to me... even if I didn't make it all the same.

Nice :)

I t was fun creating a chat bot and everything but when I tried preview, it didn't let me send any messages...
Btw, what about being able to submit our bots so that the other players can chat with them too? :)

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4.59 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2010
5:47 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other