Sonic Of The Dead III 1

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Hi this is Shadic15 presenting the first part of Sonic of The Dead III.

Finally, after more than a year I'm about ton conclude the SOTD series which has always been so much fun to create. Making flash movies is a pastime I enjoy and that's why I'm quite sad right now. In fact, this will be my last submission on newgrounds. Project like Sonic Wars or Rise of The Tails Doll are already cancelled, besides I'm already 18 and soon I'll go to college (well one more year since I live in Luxembourg). On top of that, I also want to work on my comics, which is another pastime of mine... anyway enough talk for now. Sit back and enjoy the first part of Sonic Of The Dead III. The second part is already uploaded by the way ^^

Enjoy and farewell ^.^


But Shadow, what if there are more survivors in the city, that would not only kill the zombies, but the survivors as well, there has to be a better way, those zombies were once normal people, instead of killing them, we can cure them and turn them back to normal, here's a better idea: One half looks for survivors in the city and rescue them, while the other half diffuses the bomb, find a cure, make an antidote big enough to turn all the zombies in the city back to normal people, then you can rebuild the city.

Elevator on for 20 secs. Shadow: Please STOP that! Elevator: Ding. Sonic: I liked that little tune! Shadow: Those were the worst 20 seconds of my entire life!

i wanna sea shaun of the dead again please again again again!!!

shaun of the dead is the most stupid movie i ever seen

"Spindash". auhaeuhaeuhuae I laughed so hard here! Good job man

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Aug 4, 2010
5:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody