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Thought a tribute to the Tomb Raider games would be a cool way to make a platformer, as the whole series has been my favorite since the first Tomb Raider for the first Playstation.


I liked it more games should play like this

How come you can't get her to walk like in the games? it's like a semi run thing, looks funny...

Fun game though still haven't finished it


First of all, how the heck do you navigate in this game? Second, why does the whole screen black out early in the game? I'm not saying this to make you angry, because we could all use a tribute to Tomb Raider. It's just some bugs and stuff like that that I'm worried about. Thank you.

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higashi71 responds:

The game is fine, added directions for control on title screen.


Got through the first cave bit after about four tries, don't know if there ismore or not. I also really don't care. Most of it is actually fairly well done, but the controls are way too touchy and a bit glitchy. It's like playing supersonic on the old sonic games, with twice the touch and go and half the control. I likely would have really gotten into it if the game played smoother.

By the way any comment about how it works fine and you adding the directions isn't really something instilling any confidance here.

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It was an interesting idea but the game just doesn't work. The game will randomly send you back to the menu and you run into glitches all the time. It has alot of problems that keep the game from being fun.

higashi71 responds:

you only get sent back to the beginning if you die, either by falling into a pit, spike trap etc. Please explain glitches- controls? collision detection.?


I don't know if it was a bug but everything but the raider turned black and then I was returned to the menu.

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higashi71 responds:

I've added directions for the controls on the start menu. Thanks for the comments.

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1.70 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2010
4:56 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle