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A futuristic animation inspired in the anime style of ghost in the shield originally created on the amiga 1200 completly mouse made. The whole history of how this was created is available in the animation´s main menu on the mimetic history button, it´s a long story just in case you want to read it. This anim was sleeping in my drive for more than 15 years since I finish it on the amiga, but i finally took it and converted it to a flash anim so anybody can finally watch it. I hope you all like it, for the size of the animation i had to split it in two parts, this is part one i´ll upload part 2 ASAP.
Plese keep in mind that this was made a long time ago and it´s not very good, i just upload it so i could finally share it with everybody.
The animation has 4 subtitles available: English, French, German, Spanish, the dialog is in Japanese.

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I can believe.

People really don't understand the power that computers that old were capable of. I took my computer aided graphics design degree on a 486 40MHZ DLC with a 2MB graphics card and only a 125mb hdd. This I 100% beleive was made on an Amiga. Some of you might not be old enough to remember computer games back then. But these type of graphics were made. It was hard to do in pixel form. Think of the pixel art you see these days. Same concept just 20 years ago.

I am impressed my friend!

hunter1410 responds:

thanks!!! that´s one of the reasons i really wanted to share this, back then it was incredible the kind of things that you could do when you forced yourself to go beyond the limits, today is a little bit easier but i still think there are great things like flash that allow us to go beyond those limits, because at the end without flash I would´ve never been able to build this anim, thank you for your comments!!!

I know that music

Ghost in the Shield? Did mean Ghost in the Shell because that's where I seem to recall hearing that music before.

I liked that you filled in some of the gaps that there where in the movie like how they killed her before she became a robot, I always wondered about that.

I hope to see part 2 soon. =)

hunter1410 responds:

thank you, part 2 will be here next Friday promise.....and you are right is ghost in the shell...sorry. :P


Amazing!! I loved it!! How could you do all that stuff just with an Amiga?!!! OMFG!!!

Ok, now the serious review.
The menu and the loader have very good graphics, very futuristic and very well done. The music perfectly matches into the plot, you have selected the best music you could. The plot reminds me to that film of Harrison Ford called Blade Runner, the film The 5th Element and also to the anime Akira. It's very interesting and very creative. The Spanish subtitles were OK, I think that Japanese is your main language but you made a perfect translation, I didn't see the other languages because I'm Spanish. I'm not going to speak about the graphics of the movie because it was made 15 years ago, so... you know... the times change.

Finishing all that strange things that I have written above, I can only say that you deserve a higher score for this. Congratulations

hunter1410 responds:

thanks for your kind words, and nop im not Japanese i´m Mexican as a Mather of fact. So i´m glad my Spanish was good otherwise i´d feel very strange right now :D

i wonder

why could this animation have such a low rating???

hunter1410 responds:


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4.29 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2010
10:16 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place August 4, 2010