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Pretentious Art Game

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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

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On the rating I rated this a one. But I actually think its a two. It isn't that interesting and it doesn't let me select happy on the quote... Is that a bug? Someone in the comments said that if I hit the happy button 30 times it'll work, but it doesn't. If its a bug please fix it. But other than that, the game is fairly decent.

I think it's a bit unfair to attack these sort of "games". Sure they can be different and you can hardly call some of them games at all. But it's good to have people branching out and trying different approaches to having interactive media.

One thing I can agree with here though is the fact that you can only click sad, which happens all too much in things that try to appeal to a "deeper thinking" sort of thing. So in that sense I can agree, people have caught on that this is a new thing to try out rather than a typical game. But some people make them focusing too much on one range of emotion, which tends to be sadness, depression, whatever. That needs to change.

But until then keep an open mind when it comes to this sort of stuff. Sure half of it may not have gameplay or even may not have much of a point. It's all about experimentation, some people aren't as great at it, but some people discover new things through creating with more variety. The good thing you can say about it is people are trying new things, rather than constantly spewing out "casual" games and stuff we've all seen before. Unless of course these start overpopulating and we have to move on to some other new thing. Eh, it's a cycle of progress. There's always something for people to complain about.

Hidden area.

If you click happy 30 times you can select it.

Sidorio responds:

Despite making this game I actually went and tried that. Why do you tell these awful lies?

but but but

I could not chose the other option... even It lacked more options , it would have been more funny, it feels uncomplete, but even nt much pretentiosu, or maybe it does , who knows

Sidorio responds:

The unclickable happy is all part of the pretentious artiness of this game. You're right about the incomplete bit though, as I wanted to add more ironic hipster references but I couldn't find the right place.

I really don't know what you were going for...

That was very strange.

Sidorio responds:


I was inspired by this hipster bullshit.