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Reach for the Sky trailer

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Author Comments

There's a whole lot to say about this project, but there's very few things of substance to really say.

Last summer, I, along with a couple friends, decided that we should make some big movie. We spent months planning and writing, and recruiting. This was originally going to be a big collaboration between 8-10 people at our school. We had to teach students how to use Flash, first. In a class of about thirty people, only about five were interested in helping us with the big project. Of those five, only two of them persued it. And those two were screwed over by various other teachers (we were as well, but we were "upperclassmen" so durp), which eventually led back to just the three of us.

Basically a LOOOOOOOOOT of time was wasted, and at least 70% of it wasn't our fault. We wrote up a script, and we recorded enough dialogue for about 25 minutes of video (much larger cast than we'd had before), but we had to rush this out in the last weekend because HA HA art schools.

Quick plot synopsis in case you are confused by the video: Dr. Harold Coff makes this insane discovery, and a group of baddies wants his knowledge, so they kidnap him. HAL (Harold's Automated Lackey) tells Spiff about it. Spiff is a rookie space cop, who is way too excited for his own good. Whacky happenings ensue.

I'm not at all proud of our final product here, but what went on behind the scenes was pretty radical for the most part. Maybe you'll get a laugh, or some other enjoyment out of this video. If not, thanks for reading and watching, and I apologize.

- Matt

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Loy6 responds:

Haha, yeah, we still get a kick out of that one.

pretty cool

it was a great video, practice your art skills a little more. Still you did a nice job if you practice more and more your videos will be more awesomer( not an actual word), but still great video

Loy6 responds:

Yeah, I definitely need to improve my drawing (learn to draw) before attempting animation ever again. Capn-Cheddar and supermegadragon are both capable artists, though, you just weren't able to see much of that due to the hurriedness of the video.

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it.

Great Animation

Completely aside from the actually video, I love your animation style, it's very...I don't know. But I love it. I'll be sure to watch more of you.

Loy6 responds:

Wow, thanks. That's really cool of you to say. Though the animation is kind of this jumbled mess of three people. I know capn-cheddar plans on continuing to persue animation in a setting that will improve his abilities, so you can look forward to that in the future.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this, though.


Tone down the wind in the background! Way too loud.

Loy6 responds:

Hahaha, yeah the audio quality is not exactly where I'd like it to be. Not entirely sure what you mean by "windy", but I understand your problem with the video.

Not bad

This was pretty cool. Good job.

Loy6 responds:

Thanks. That's always nice to hear. And thank you for the honest score there. Makes me nuts when most people only rate things 10 or 0.