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Rapture's Best&Brightest

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Working Title: "Rapture's Best & Brightest" (Trailer)
Time Spent: 9 days; 6 for drawing everything, 3 for animating

First flash evar! I wanted to hold off on my Bioshock project until I had everything planned out and actually knew how to draw well, but my Flash/Photoshop class made it clear that it looks like I'll be making it as I go!

Expanding from a Bioshock Tegaki RP (roleplaying with drawings, interactive comic book style) that kinda died out. Will be seeing if I can contact the other artists if they'd like to join in with this effort-sorta with their respective characters.




Additional Help:
Mr. 12
My sister
My professor
Random people who provided company and feedback


My fanboyism ahs me hooked.

Please read text present one inch above.


not bad not bad at all

Great for a beginning!

I don't know why, but this flash just really made me think of classic comic books, specifically "Watchmen". It seemed like you were calling back to the classic days of noir, which I like. I have little idea as to what is going on or anything, but the result is great. This looks like it's going to be a great series and it's also great to bring on so many new people who are obviously talented. You guys have all created an awesome atomsphere to get the watcher absorbed in. The saddest thing is when it ends of course.

nice work

nice for a first flash.. and like it the drawing =) keep it up

Not bad for a first flash, but not great.

Look, I don't have a problem with videogame flash as long as the results are good, but this doesn't have the entertainment value of either Visitor from Proxima or Two Nerds and A Robot. However, that was comparing apples to oranges. Hnilmik, you have a long ways to go if you want to be with Scar Theatre, Randy Solem, McFretN (Check out Combat Instinct if you want to know who he is), Bobert-Rob, Dean Packis, and many others. On the other hand, it's much better than most first time submissions on Newgrounds. With that out of the way...

In terms of graphics, the drawings are nice along with the angle choice, but the only real animation were the bubbles that were coming from below. Plus,the fins on the fish have no animation at all, which could have helped. As for the filters, don't be like Jazza and Alvin Earthworm by splurging on the blur effects since more filter use equals more processing power to render them without it lagging. In terms of sound, the music was alright, but didn't fit with the mood you were trying to set. The voice acting wasn't bad in terms of the actual acting, but why couldn't you do the woman's voice? I found Sapphire's voice to be a bit annoying and out of place, but not as annoying as the voices in Tarboy or $00pah Nin10Doh. As for the content, you chose a nice behind the back shot for this, but writing was nothing special and could have used a somewhat tighter pace. Another piece of advice from someone who has seen thousands of flash movies: Learn how to optimize your swf files because 2.5 megabytes for something this short is ludicrous, especially considering that I've seen flash that was better animated and directed, but had smaller filesizes.

What I did like:
-Nice drawings
-Passable voice for the executive
-Passable music
-Somewhat fresh subject
-Not bad for a school project

What I didn't like:
-The fact that this is another VG flash.
-Very little animation
-The female voice was somewhat annoying.
-Needlessly big filesize for something short. (This could have been 800k to one megabyte)
-Could have used a better pace.

Overall: While something like this would usually get a six out of me, but seeing that it's not bad nor great at the same time; I'm giving you a seven. As I said before, I don't mind these kinds of derived projects, but they can't be the only kind of flash productions if you want to be respected.

Hnilmik responds:

I appreciate the effort you're willing to spend when it comes to giving a review! And even more that you're willing to step a bit beyond what you'd usually score!

The reason why I didn't voice for Samantha and cast Sapphire for the role is because Samantha is BLACK and I can't sound like a convincing African American no matter how hard I try. I'm too Asian to get the right vocal resonance down. Also, ironically, Samantha is supposed to be annoying to some extent, but that'll be touched upon in later installments.

I agree that the filesize was like whoa (not huge, but dang--those vectors), because, as you're aware, I'm new at this. However, it would've helped more if you knew how to animate yourself to give me some tips on fixing it. Just look at that additional help section; I readily accept help when something can be improved on, yo.

Make a flash, dude! I see claims that you know a lot about them, but it'd be much more awesome, not to mention more helpful, if you could put your thoughts to good use beyond namedroppy reviews~ Don't let strict preferences get in the way of possibly enjoying things you wouldn't think you would, eh? Peace~

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4.38 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2010
3:02 PM EDT