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*There is an improved version of this game at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/547389 - bug fixes, more content, and NG medals!*

Warning- reading ahead!

First of all, the game takes a bit to load. Grab a snack or something.

Story- Days before the story begins, Terra Machina, a dark organization with a deathgrip on the world, suddenly fell. Nobody knows why.
Nor are you able to even recall your name, or where you came from...

General- Development on this RPG started in late October 2009. It grew bigger than what I intended it to actually be, but there's nothing wrong with that... this game offers over an hour and a half of gameplay, unlockables, and choices that affect dialogue, with no less than ten endings.

Music- Fourteen Newgrounds artists contributed 24 tracks to the game. And with one exception, all of the music is available in the Audio Portal. It is, to me, amazing that I managed to fit this all in in 10 MB with pretty decent quality. I tried to spread the love around in the audio credits, (giving preference to people whose songs haven't been used in a game) but since the limit seems to be 11, here's a list of what I couldn't fit in and their IDs so you can go and find them (You can also unlock all songs in an in-game Music Player).

Fresh Breeze- Arnas (291165)
Black Death Ray- xerochi (316966)
Forgotten Woods- Koori-Kun (265337)
Battle Theme II- Koori-Kun (317003)
Battle Theme I- Koori-Kun (291042)
Unnamed (Halsaban Theme)- Koori-Kun (444001)
Final Aggression- Koori- I mean, cornandbeans (56173)
Timid Girl- vibe-newgrounds (217741)
The Island Adventurer- Bcdefg123 (336897)
The World Ahead Of You- Bcdefg123 (347284)
Dying Regrets- Bcdefg123 (350512)
A Faint Will- Bcdefg123 (345415)
Win!- Bcdefg123 (350973)

Of the above, special thanks goes to Koori-Kun- both Battle Theme IV and the Halsaban Theme were made specifically for this game! Thanks!

Art- Very huge thanks to KatRaccoon, the character artist, for helping me make this way better than it would have been otherwise, and for putting up with all my reminders that she passed the deadlines :P

Other stuff- If you encounter any bugs or glitches, I would like to hear about it. Send me (Bcdefg123) a PM or something, and I'll fix it ASAP. Include as much info as possible, please.

8/3/10 EDIT- The game is now version 1.0.3. This should fix the errors I've been made aware of thus far. If you're still seeing 1.0.2, clear your cache and load the game again.

Always striving (primary) will be the the BoMM Productions. Thank you. (Five stars if you get the reference)

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Reminds me more of a Zork type game, but with illustrations.


awesome game mostly the little funny battle info my hair is a weapon :D all aside i love the game (even though i fail'd at it 2 times forgot to go to the inn to get heald and somehow got owned by a tree is that possible?)


I have a feeling this game is going to be big kid, It's already one of the select 5 in my favorites.

Ruined by shitty typing commands

I was really enjoying this game--right up until the part where I had to start typing commands to move around. Wtf? Talk about pointless and annoying.

Also in the problem category, the Island of No Return is messed up. When you sail there the story glitches; it's like there's a part of the plot involving the group sailing there that's completely left out. You end up at the camp of a character called 'undefined', and the save file says Daisuke and undefined are both in your party but ingame Daisuke appears to be missing. Additionally, you should allow us to choose what region of the island to explore. I did pretty well on the forest part, but foolishly saved after beating the dragon, and now I'm stuck getting constantly killed by the river monsters =(

Other than that, the game was pretty enjoyable. Funny conversations, decent combat system, some fun miniquests and stuff. Nothing epic but still fun.

bcdefg123 responds:

The Island of No Return bug is fixed (v1.0.3)- thanks for pointing that out. Clear out your cache if you're still seeing 1.0.2 for some reason.

As for Halsaban, I'm taking note of the biggest complaints people have for future updates... -Bcdefg123

Good Game

I gave you a 10 although there were a few bugs and annoyances that plagued your game.

Firstly, I like that the story actually was slightly open in progression and not completely linear. The music was nice also, although sometimes it was a bit repetitive. The story itself wasn't very original or attention grabbing, but it was well offset by cliche RPG humor which made the whole "adventure" palatable.

Secondly: the glitches, bugs, general annoyances. The largest problem I had (that wasn't a personal issue) was your casino. I had won roughly 10,000 chips gambling, and then went to sell it back for money. I selected 500 chips to sell first, and it still only sold at a rate of 1 chip (5 monies) per. I tried all of the selections and none of them seemed to work properly (besides selling 1 at a time, obviously).It's not a huge error since money isn't used that often in the game, but a bug is a bug.

As for my general annoyances, it would be in reference to your dialogue related to commands. Sometimes it is asking for a bit too much precision (capital letters) when referring to commands. although that isn't bad, some people might not be able know which letters need to be capitalized after their initial mistake, because the bolded commands are replaced with a "does not compute" message. The same could be said for special commands like the line to get the boat (which I also missed and couldn't find again.)

Also, slightly on the same subject, is the continuity of commands given. For instance, when I went into the Dr.'s house, it didn't let me go "back" although it would make sense to, since in most other buildings that would be the proper format of commands.

It also seemed to suddenly change from a more clicky-based button game, to a keyboard typing command-based game, which threw me a bit as to why it would change.

All in all, though, it was a very good game and I hope to see another one soon.

Good job!

bcdefg123 responds:

The chips bug should now be fixed (v1.0.3). Clear your cache if you're still seeing v1.0.2

I'm also keeping track of the biggest complaints for possible future updates. -Bcdefg123