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Theory of Everything

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still a preview but its a bit longer
added preloader
made some graphic changes
(ends where speekers start thumping to the music atm)
there is more to be shown soon i just want to get some feed back from u ppl see what u think so far

well i think thats about it well ill be w8tn for your comments.

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the begning but then its just steros for rest

A little hopefully welcome advice...

Yeah I understand that you're working on it but the buildings need to be more high detailed, shadows wouldn't go amiss, and the camera should just become slower so that when the moon covers the sun, it should make the legendary "blinding ring of light" (basically god rays emitted from any area of sun you can see to form a flash of white. so basically, the camera lets the moon/sun get slightly in front, then speeds up again. when its on the left, god rays point from the sun towards the left, and when it gets right over them, BAM blinding light. this would make a perfect entrance to the cutscene you mentioned.

Was that all one sentence? Sorry I (Face of FaceKiller Productions) am very enthusiastic about this sort of thing. I'm a game designer and director in my own animation coming soon. I'm basically better at theory than implementation.

Anyway, if you find my advice useless, let me know, if you find it useful... let me know :)

Face of FKProductions.

P.S When I say shadows, I really just mean fake ones, where you use a different shade of a colour round the edges of the buildings furthest away from the light source :P

constermock responds:

i see what ur saying ill give it a try ^^ thanks 4 the advice maybe some day i can do this full time i love animation and graphic design its what i was gonna major in till implications stop me from making progress in my career like i sed i will try to make it more fluid and graphicly pleasing.


Im cting you slack with 10/10 cuz its kinda good i understand you working on it mor but dont fail im looking ford to this!

constermock responds:

thank you dont worry it wont i am hand drawling some stuff for next scene so it might take me a but i updated the intro so u see more buildings and they are more detailed i plan on making this flash one of my best and this is also a project for me to teach my friend how to use it so i hope it will meet your standers for a 10/10 flash.

Looks Epic but...

it is just a preview can be 10 material