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An arithmetics trainer perfect for those, who want to practice or study arithmetics. Three difficulty levels available. Test yourself. :)

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1)Why in the hell did you create a Arithmetic flash game when we fucking have school?All the way up to Jr. High,you spend 1 year learning shit.5 days out of 7 days in a week.This is our free time your talking about.Next time make it fun.
2)You get infinity time to do the answers,so we can calculate.
3)This just sucks.

BlackCrossGames responds:

1) Because I can :) But seriously, it's mostly for kids. And it's not really a game it's a trainer.
2) There are two modes which have a time limit.
3) You clearly don't like math and the title clearly states it has arithmetic in it, why did you spend your precious time playing it?

OK for a math trainer

+was actually difficult on the hard difficulty but still managed to get to 90% after two turns
-no graphics
-repititive gameplay

p.s to yos3 newgrounds motto is "Everything by Everone" so where else would be acceptabal to have a shoddy maths training tool?

BlackCrossGames responds:

Well, I disagree about the shoddy part, but thanks for the review. I'll keep it in mind.


Don't get me wrong, I love math. Hard was almost brutal since you had 5 seconds to try and scramble through 8 possible answers, especially when you are trying to divide two numbers in your head that you have to round out the answer. For most of the answers all you had to do was multiply the numbers in the ones digit to figure out what the answer was. In that case, you might as well ask what 4x7 is rather than asking what 54x27 is since only one of the answers ends with an 8. Your not learning how to multiply larger numbers in your head, you just learning which of the answers is the most logically correct choice. If instead you had the user type in the answer instead of using multiple choice, then they would have to learn how to do arithmetic better!

BlackCrossGames responds:

You have some good points there, thanks.

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Aug 2, 2010
9:06 AM EDT
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