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Casino Vs Mario Vs Sonic: Ep.2

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Here is the second and final episode of my now dead sprite series from 2010 remastered in FULL HD and widescreen!

Casino and company WILL be returning in a new series very very soon! A teaser for the new series will be up within the next couple months or so hopefully! More details about that here: https://www.facebook.com/casinorebooted


Budj - Everyone not mentioned below.

JammerJaw - EliteBot

SonicSong182 (Kn) - Pebbles

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I love this... make sure this reboot comes quick...
"aaaaaaaaaAAAAH HOLY FUCK!"

uh did u make ep 3 yet

Budj responds:

Nope >:

LOL this is funny
jeff: oh shit were boned
robot: hello are you there casino:fuck you!

Luv it

Shade and I enjoyed pts 1 and 2 so far... the only thing that makes it not entirly enjoyable is all the cussing. If you could stop the cussing or just replace them with things like "Flip, fudge, heck, darn, dang, etc." that would be great.

just making sure.....

um, you're still working on 3, right? just making sure. your last update of anything was in may...

Budj responds:

Yes I am, although it will take a little while. Other stuff needs to be done in the mean time too :<