Sing Boy Episode 1 Part 1

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Sing Boy and the Legend of the Seven Scorpion Crystals

A flash parody of children's action cartoons such as dragon ball z and avatar the last airbender presented by Farther Snake Electrical Wiring Company and Queery Spook Space Technologies Corp.

This is the tale of Sing Boy, a gifted young boy who seems to posses extraordinary powers. Thrust into a world of magic and mayhem he encounters the evil villains Johnny, the Spider King, and the Evil Count Periwether II. Aiding Sing Boy are his loyal companions Breasts and Sing Dad.

Watch and be bewildered by this triumph of flash cinematography.
additional voices by the red mongoose

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could that be the successor of the anigen show? find out in the next episode.

Nice try.

The near absence of any actual animations, the overuse of unoriginal music (Seinfeld? C'mon), and a general lack of anything very funny at all just sort of had me lifting an eyebrow the whole time.

If you're not going to animate the characters, you better have some goddamn funny dialogue. But you don't. Instead, you just have Perfect Hair Forever's retarded nephew.

Shows on Adult Swim and Superdeluxe may seem like a bunch of random nonsense (like this), but it takes clever writing to make it all funny.

HLG responds:

i'd like to point out the flaws in your criticism:
1. most of the music in this animation is original, composed by me, hlg of newgrounds.org.
2. i'm sorry you failed to find anything funny in this flash cartoon, but not all of it was "random nonsense". i did have scripted jokes in there.
3. jumby wants to be born now
4. jumby wants to be born now
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i laughed, i cried, i breasts

bravo you strong young gentlemen :O)

To be fair I was drunk when I wrote this...

But it has potential!
I lol'd a bit, the random flow of it reminded me of something from Adult Swim.
You've got a good concept here, I can only hope that everyone else votes to save this submission, and that those votes encourage you to flesh out this idea further.
It was very robot chicken esque, and when I'm drunk, well let me tell you, the less brain power it takes to follow a plot, the better.
I look forward to seeing more.

Laughed so hard.

Inside jokes, made to look like amateur, badly drawn characters, awesome! The only reaso i'm not giving full 10, is that this video was a bit short. Definitely has potential to be a hit, but seriously needs more length.

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3.26 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2010
2:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody