Crazy Numbers: Speed

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-Use the Right arrow to indicate a true statement and the Left arrow to indicate a false statement.
-You can also use your mouse to click the graphical buttons.
-When the word Reverse appears it indicates a control reversal which means the Left arrow (button) now means true and Right one means false!

This is the first game of my series Crazy Numbers, more episodes will be released soon.

It took me 1 day to write this game so please report any bugs. (I fixed those I found the next day)

I didn't use any graphics in the game but I'm looking for an artist to help me in the next episode, please contact me if you are interested.

Game updated:
I added medals and fixed the randomiser method, it used to rarely throw the correct answer.

And for those who didn't like the math the next episode will include crazy numbers as well but without any math :D
I welcome creative ideas by the way so please send me some.

2 years later I recalled this game and polished it while working on the new one (Well I keep my promises even after 2 years :D)

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Yikes, this is one of the most fast paced games I've ever played! It's not that there's anything wrong with that, it was just very hard to complete with how there were 100 questions and you only had three seconds to answer each one! At least this does a good job of having me learn my times tables. Then again, I'm in college, so I don't want to go into math anyway. I thought the music wasn't bad. It seemed to really keep me going with how hard the game was.

I didn't understand what that "reverse" thing meant. I was trying so hard to get everything right, I wasn't even paying that much attention. Here are some hints. An odd or even number paired with an odd or even number will always result in an even number. One number that is odd plus an even number always equals an odd number. You should teach math class!

GoldenChain responds:

Thanks for your positive review :)
The time actually depends on the difficulty you choose, the Easy difficulty for example gives you 5 seconds at the cost of the score multiplier of course.
I thought the new music was good too, credit the musician who made it available though :)
And reverse means controls are reversed, Left stands for correct and Right for incorrect (You didn't check the Help section did you ^_^ ) which means if you get something right and answer as usual it would be wrong.
I would't teach maths though, no one likes maths teachers :)

Good for a first

It's a pretty decent game for the first time making one in flash. What is even more impressive is that it took you only one day to put this together. I had relative success on hard and it wasn't a total put off that it was math oriented. Just work a little more on the next one so it's more polished.

GoldenChain responds:

Thanks, I could have made it better if I had an artist, because it's something I'm not the best at.

Good effort but

Who wants to play maths? Maybe a teacher but... sorry. Decent concept, but if it wasn't maths it would be much, much better...

GoldenChain responds:

Next episode will have no maths but I didn't really think of its main idea so far.

Not what we want!

People dont wanna do no math problems when they get home from school or somethn! but it was a good effort.

GoldenChain responds:

Yes, but if you look at the bright side, maths problems train your arithmetic, imagine that your speed passes 30 problems per minute, mine did after taking a similar training for a week!


It's not my kind of game, but the graphics were okay.
Pretty good for only working a day on it, though.

GoldenChain responds:

Thanks. This is my first flash game by the way.

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3.60 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2010
10:47 PM EDT
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