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Nathan is giving it his all on Street fighter 2, he is now fighting Sagat on the hardest difficulty. He's almost won nothing can stop him now, or is there. be on the look out for Easter Eggs.
Update: lip sync fixed



That's how a lot of people are, especially little kids. However, this flash doesn't show anything interesting or very much humor in it.

The sound quality needs improvement, the voices and the background noise contrast and needs equal leveling.

Graphics aren't necessarily bad, it looks like you have your own style.

Animation could be better, but you do have some skill. Keep it up and you'll do fine.

You might want to research some physics to make the exploding head thing look more dramatized. Generally, the more overplayed the more funny something is.

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Heh not bad!!

Whos this troll under me? ioneofmanyold, screw you man! thats just wrong. Anyways this video was ok. I started playing Street Fighter in 1997 when I got my first gaming system--the SNES. Street Fighter was bundled with it so it was pretty much my first game. I thought the voice acting was alright. Great job fellas. I voted 5! :)

-- Chris

Street Fight fu** yeah!

It made me laugh... pretty awesome man! :D

:D not bad

it made me chuckle so it cant be all bad :D

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It looked good I guess, but your audio got off sync. I've heard the best solution to that is to make the audio "Stream" instead of "Event", because streaming the audio forces it to keep up with the timeline.

BlueSpark responds:


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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2010
10:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original